Condit KO's Hardy in spectacular fashion

by Michael David Smith | source:

Dan Hardy complained heading into his fight with Carlos Condit at UFC 120 that Condit and his trainer, Greg Jackson, are too cautious and try to win dull decisions. He can't say that anymore.

Instead, Condit knocked Hardy out with a brutal left hook in the first round of their bout in London on Saturday.

After the televised card got off to a dull start with three straight decisions, Condit changed everything by standing and trading shots with Hardy. After a couple minutes of action, Condit and Hardy both threw left hooks at each other at the same time, but Condit's landed just in time to send Hardy to the canvas. Condit landed a couple more on the ground to erase any doubt.

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NoGi bear site profile image  

10/17/10 12:07 PM by NoGi bear

Cheers archer I had a brilliant night thanks

Rucking Fetard site profile image  

10/17/10 9:31 AM by Rucking Fetard

Hardy got KTFO

SecondBase site profile image  

10/17/10 9:20 AM by SecondBase

Great KO. I doubt it will humble Hardy for too long though.

NKTKDace site profile image  

10/17/10 9:20 AM by NKTKDace

I was wanting Condit to win from the time they made this fight. I honestly didn't see condit winning this fight unless he was able to lock something on after hardy got tired from punching him in the face. I figured condit's chin would let him stay in it long enough but I don't think I have EVER been this surprised after a fight. and no I don't think this says anything bad at all for hardy's chin I just think it landed as good as any punch could. After rewatching I don't think hardy was out completely from that punch. It looked to me like the punches(s) on the ground is what put him out.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

10/17/10 9:19 AM by KingOfFighters

No he doesn't he just welched on a bet.

Finnie1878 site profile image  

10/17/10 6:55 AM by Finnie1878

Made up with the result. Coming from a brit i hope that zips hardys mouth shut

jimboslice1 site profile image  

10/17/10 6:51 AM by jimboslice1

I thought our fans were really good, well I know I applauded most fighters, was a awesome night, felt bad or hardy but was a HUGE shot from condit. Mike Pyle also did very well

Sticksy site profile image  

10/17/10 5:54 AM by Sticksy

awesome KO. war condit.

Archer0545 site profile image  

10/17/10 4:40 AM by Archer0545

 Im guessing Fitch, no way they will do it with Hughes/Penn 

Archer0545 site profile image  

10/17/10 4:38 AM by Archer0545

 You sir, add a little class to the UKtroll team.  Hope you had a fun night anyway!