Hardy: 'Losing is the worst feeling in the world'

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

UFC president Dana White said he was overwhelmed with a mass of loyal Dan Hardy fans asking him what's next for "The Outlaw." Hardy had an answer: "A headache," he deadpanned.

"I did envision at some point taking the fight to the floor. I just didn't envision going there on my own, like what happened."

"I got caught. That's why it's a sport. It was a good punch."

"Losing is, in my opinion, the worst feeling in the world. I'm sure in the rest of my life I'll come across worse things, but it's right up there with the worst. [The crowd support] softens the blow a little bit – pardon the pun."

"It's always nice to have that support. It's a small minority that always has something negative to say regardless of what happens, but to have 16,000 fans with that support, it makes a big difference."

"It's a learning curve. 2010 wasn't my year. I've had two losses this year, and I've only had two losses back-to-back once."

"I'll get back on the horse and keep pushing forward. I'll be back."

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Pernicious site profile image  

10/19/10 1:51 PM by Pernicious

I like Dan Hardy. I hope he improves his game in step with the level of competition that will be thrown at him. There's a danger in getting too much exposure too quickly and then getting cut with the same speed. I'd like to continue to watch him develop on a big stage, as opposed to regional shows.

TapoutT1978 site profile image  

10/19/10 1:36 PM by TapoutT1978

Hardy ---> Pro WrestlingDiaz Bros ---> MMA/thread

Fredrico site profile image  

10/19/10 12:27 PM by Fredrico

His sh!t-talking is good. People will pay to see him get brutalized. And the customer is satisfied when it does happen.

sunderground site profile image  

10/19/10 12:07 PM by sunderground

I'd say that the Diaz brothers would rather fight than talk.  Hardy does his best work in front of a microphone.  And that pre-fight choreography with Bruce Buffer is lame.   Take a page out of Fedor's book.   Skip the stupid hairdo, the red contact lenses, the pre-fight bullshit, and "respect every opponent".  Let your skills speak for themselves.  Otherwise you end up looking like another big talking British fighter that was given a gift to fight in the UFC.

Magic8 site profile image  

10/19/10 9:11 AM by Magic8

Diaz gets away with his antics because he's one of the most exciting fighters in the sport, and always backs up his shit talk.   Even when he loses. Hardy's an average fighter that isn't particularly exciting, but talks like he's Mike Tyson.     

CaptainChaos site profile image  

10/19/10 8:37 AM by CaptainChaos

<blockquote>aKaBeasTTT - I love everything about Hardy's style<br />He's so brash and doesn't give two shits about everyone else.<br />and I'm not from the UK but I love that fucking England belongs to me song.</blockquote><br /><br /><br />This is the truth man. He's an entertaining fighter to watch, and an entertaining personality before the fight, not some cardboard cutout that makes every interview the same. He's probably the number 1 guy in the UFC I'd like to train or have a beer with.What boggles my mind is how there's so much hate for Dan Hardy and yet half the internet swings from Nick Diaz's ball sack. Hardy is obviously tongue in cheek about what he says and a good guy, Diaz is a fucking lowlife

Pr0cess site profile image  

10/19/10 6:16 AM by Pr0cess

I was gutted when I saw Hardy go down, but well impressed with Condit! can't wait to see both of them back in the cage

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

10/19/10 6:06 AM by Fight! UK Online


GodSaveTheQueen site profile image  

10/19/10 4:41 AM by GodSaveTheQueen


Khabeer Rockley site profile image  

10/19/10 3:25 AM by Khabeer Rockley

I had my first loss in August this year. I trained so hard for it, but unfortunately was caught whilst on the bottom in half guard, and grounded out. When you train so hard for something, and all thoese people are there to support you and you lose, you really feel like you've let them down. Blood, sweat and tears goes into preparing for a fight. I fought again just over two weeks ago, and I came back so hungry, there was no way I could lose again. I smashed him via ground and pound (see 1:07 of the video). What I'm saying is that Hardy will come back so much stronger from this loss. being humbled in front of so many ppl is always a tragic feeling, but a true fighter will always stand back up, tuck their chin in, and go forward for the next one. War Hardy, War Condit, and respect to those humble in defeat.