Robert Downey Jr. reacts to Condit KOing Hardy



The boys from Sherlock Holmes were in attendance at UFC 120 this past Saturday, taking in a few fights while enjoying a break from the production of their upcoming sequel. No doubt there was some friendly posturing going on between the three superstars, as Robert Downey Jr. is the only American in the group, while Jude Law and Guy Ritchie are both very, very British.

At one point, during the first round of the co-main event between Dan Hardy and Carlos Condit, the patriotic divide between the three entertainers appeared to reach it’s breaking point.  Late in the round, right after Condit landed a punishing left hook that dropped his British opponent, RDJ is seen leaping from his seat and celebrating the American’s victory in the middle of a stunned O2 arena.

Then, as referee Dan Miragliotta is jumping in to stop the fight, we see Downey Jr. look down at (the still seated) Law and Ritchie with a big ol’ American grin on his face.

Sadly, we weren’t able to see the (what we could only imagine to be) looks of horror on the faces of the other two, as one of their fellow countrymen laid sprawled out on the canvass.

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ViciousCesar site profile image  

10/19/10 4:48 PM by ViciousCesar

 lol, i reacted the same way.

Teufel_Hunden site profile image  

10/19/10 4:30 PM by Teufel_Hunden

 funny in deed. RDJ is the man.

Chadda78 site profile image  

10/19/10 3:47 PM by Chadda78

That's more of a "Don Flamenco".

mikecard site profile image  

10/19/10 2:12 PM by mikecard

how is it a comb over if the hair is in the middle?

Legend of Lee Murray site profile image  

10/19/10 1:49 PM by Legend of Lee Murray

This is great...I can only imagine how high he was!

headstrong site profile image  

10/19/10 1:36 PM by headstrong

your either pulling my chain or proving my initial remark, either way im gonna take another crack at it for educational in a sentence in slang and lamen......carlos condit really did (sure) knocked down (rocked) and dazed that dude (holmez)

Zeke Dynasty site profile image  

10/19/10 12:05 PM by Zeke Dynasty

jude law also looks pretty pscyhed to meet Dana and RDJ looks like he could give a shit.

ArthurFonzerill site profile image  

10/19/10 11:51 AM by ArthurFonzerill

guy ritchie kinda looks like matt hughes

Jericco site profile image  

10/19/10 11:29 AM by Jericco

Different angel of his reaction at 4:26. 4:50 Jude Law laughs and high fives some one lolNot sure if someone posted it but yea...

crazydave site profile image  

10/19/10 9:49 AM by crazydave

"Embrace me UG brothers"