Lesnar reportedly already at 265, no need to cut

by Jim Ross | source: jrsbarbq.com

Brock Lesnar is reportedly at 265 as we speak so there will be no cutting weight for the UFC Heavyweight Champion for next Saturday's eagerly anticipated title defense against undefeated Cain Velásquez. I see this as good for Lesnar fans because already being at the required fighting weight will prevent Brock from having to tweak his diet or training regime prior to the fight in Anaheim.

Even though Lesnar will fight lighter than he originally fought in UFC, the former WWE Champion, NCAA All American and National Champion is still beastly strong which could be an key factor in his next encounter in the Octagon.  Point is that Lesnar has lost no strength with his lesser weight plus Brock's cardio, one would assume, will be enhanced by not having to carry so much mass in what is expected to be an extremely competitive fight.

If Velásquez's camp thinks that Lesnar is going to 'gas' after a round or two then they need to re-evaluate their strategy because that isn't happening. Brock only took two weeks off after defeating then undefeated Shane Carwin and went right back to serious training mode for the Velásquez fight. Lesnar won't be coming off a near one year layoff for this fight either. I could see this PPV doing between 750,00 and one million buys unless the economy is weaker than many perceive.

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UFC 121 Extended video preview for 'Lesnar vs Velasquez'

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swannynhb site profile image  

10/18/10 4:24 PM by swannynhb

I'll take you up on that friendly bet. I'm not a fan of Brock but I don't see what Cain has to offer in this fight. How do you propose we do this?

Zamiel site profile image  

10/18/10 3:08 PM by Zamiel

His camp could be lying.

knop252 site profile image  

10/18/10 1:32 PM by knop252


JitsuGuy site profile image  

10/18/10 1:25 PM by JitsuGuy

Not true.. I saw his fat ass a Golden Coral filling an entire plate with that fake crab salad shit. It was disgusting.

MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING site profile image  


ALSO if Brock retained his muscles and lost water weight he effectively lost some of his protection against acid build-up when his muscles start working because they have less of a buffer and elimination process. This will cause the 'locking up' effect experianced by Shane Carwin...This WILL slow him down.... NO DOUBT.......Any friendly $10.00 bets???

Zedlepln site profile image  

10/18/10 1:08 PM by Zedlepln

The only fight where Brock looked winded was the one with Handy. He definitely looked tired after that first round. He seemed to fight through that just fine, though. I expect he's in even better shape, now, especially after dropping a little weight.

MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING site profile image  


I believe he is going to get Frankie Edgar'ed in this fight.. Being frustrated and chasing after Cain (after getting leg kicked) will have his muscular ass gassed in 2-3 for sure..So I'm basing this on Cain's game plan, Brock's Anoxic muscles (Lactic Acidosis), and my hate for Brock.. All valid points

sparkyman site profile image  

10/18/10 12:55 PM by sparkyman

 What past fights of Brock's have led you to this conclusion?

MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING site profile image  

10/18/10 12:25 PM by MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING

It wasn't Cain Velasquez's camp that said he would gas in 2-3 rounds THAT WAS ME!!!BROCK WILL GAS IN 2-3 ROUNDS... You can take that to the bank!!!

Jsteven site profile image  

10/18/10 11:46 AM by Jsteven

It will sell over a million its a pretty good card.