Lesnar: 'I never learned just the basics in boxing'

source: bostonherald.com

A big part of Lesnar’s past two camps has been Peter Welch, a South Boston-based boxing trainer. Welch has helped round out Lesnar’s skills, complementing his wrestling ability.

“I never learned just the basics in boxing,” Lesnar said. “I wanted to go get a grassroots boxing coach to get my feet underneath me, to try to combine my wrestling positions and mold into a boxing stance, and just lower myself and learn to punch from my feet to my hands. And so he’s been a huge help - just being able to understand the fundamentals of punching.”

Lesnar will have his hands full with the undefeated Velasquez, who has won seven of his eight fights via knockout or TKO. But Lesnar isn’t putting any added pressure on himself.

“I’m doing what I love to do,” Lesnar said. “We’ve got a great fight coming up on Oct. 23. There’s a lot of story behind it. You’ve got a young lad whose family moved here from Mexico, and this guy wants to make a name for himself. And here I am. There’s a lot of roadblocks being the heavyweight champion, and people are trying to stand in front of my title reign. Come Oct. 23, the best man will have his hand raised.”

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Hardcharger site profile image  

10/20/10 7:03 PM by Hardcharger

LOL at this. Next you are going to tell me that the guard is a position you establish off your back.

caged conflict site profile image  

10/20/10 6:32 PM by caged conflict

This guy gets it. Nice to see an intelligent response about the stage of development that Brock is going thru with his striking. It can be a HUGE challenge to get a pure rassler to start moving his feet correctly. Than one day his brain will hit that saturation point where he finally quartersteps properly and BAM, hits the opponent before he consciously realizes it.

pattitude site profile image  

10/20/10 1:26 PM by pattitude

This.I don't really like Brock (although, he's gotten less annoying and less of a "persona"), but he's going to crush Cain.However, I did find it ironic that he called himself the baddest s.o.b. on the planet immediately after a fight in which he *ran* away from punches. If you're going to make that claim, running away is not a good way to back it up. Angling off and countering, sure, but not running.

Forssberg site profile image  

10/20/10 1:26 PM by Forssberg

I hope to be wrong because I like Brock and wish him to be successful. However, I doubt that his striking purposely looks uncoordinated just for the sake of some sort of counter-information plan.

Mighty Quinn site profile image  

10/20/10 12:37 PM by Mighty Quinn

have to agree.....almost died year out....gets his ass kicked bad 1st rd comes back and wins!!! i was shocked....hes a gifted man.....

JudOWNED site profile image  

10/20/10 12:31 PM by JudOWNED

Cain doesn't have the KO power to get past Brock's chin. And though Cain is an excellent wrestler, maybe even technically better than Brock, he'll still get outwrestled by Brock when stength and size factor in. In short, it will be an exciting fight, but Cain is going to get Frate Trained!

ZekeJones site profile image  

10/20/10 11:22 AM by ZekeJones

^ Ben Rothwell would not disagree.

RyanStokes site profile image  

10/20/10 11:03 AM by RyanStokes

Big Nog would disagree.

sparkyman site profile image  

10/20/10 11:00 AM by sparkyman

I believe that you are wrong. Turtling is kneeling on the ground covering your head. Lying on your back blocking punches is called 'intelligently defending'. That's why the fight wasn't stopped.  

sparkyman site profile image  

10/20/10 10:58 AM by sparkyman

a) you have seen nothing of his training camp that he didn't want you to see. b) this camp started 4 days after the Carwin fight.