White slams the door on Liddell/Ortiz 3

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

"I don't want Chuck to fight anymore," White said. "Chuck's one of my good friends, and I don't want him to fight anymore."

Liddell looked to be in the best physical shape of his life in his last fight, against Rich Franklin in June, and he went as far as breaking the former middleweight champion's arm during the bout. Regardless of the performance, Liddell still found himself on the wrong end of yet another tough knockout, his third in a row.

There's little doubt that if the fight was an option, Liddell would likely jump at the chance to face Ortiz again. He's already finished the "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" twice before. Still, White says we've seen the last of Liddell, even with the rivalry still brewing.

"Chuck's been a warrior, he's been a great champion, and a great friend and a great partner," stated White. "I don't want to see it anymore."

Liddell has been traveling over the past couple of months and when doing a Q&A at the UFC Fan Expo in Boston in August, he said he would be making some decisions soon as far as his career goes. Everyone awaits the final word from the "Iceman," but it’s clear that White has already made up his mind.

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DoctorVanNostran site profile image  

10/19/10 1:45 AM by DoctorVanNostran

you are to franklin what the uktt is to bisping. i like rich, but im almost at the point of wishing he would get ktfo so you would stfu.

BET MMA site profile image  

10/18/10 10:10 PM by BET MMA

I propose the UFC have an Over 40 League..I can see it now; UFC 152: Pushin the Limits..Chuck "Iceman" Liddell vs Don Frye

Peckerwood site profile image  

10/18/10 9:55 PM by Peckerwood

I personally don't care about this fight. Chuck mauled him twice...lets see Tito fight someone else. I'm tired of Tito in pointless rematches, Ken [3], Forresst [2], Chuck[3]I want to see Tito fight Franklin, Badar, or Vera.BTW love the hamill/tito fight.

Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes site profile image  

10/18/10 9:50 PM by Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes

Chuck beat Tito twice. Who cares about a 3rd time around? Chucl needs to quit while he is ahead of that battle with Tito. He alreasdy lost alot with the last few fights.

Its Me Again site profile image  

10/18/10 9:48 PM by Its Me Again

 Even Tito would KO him at this point.  But I would pay $50 to watch Liddell get Ko'ed anytime.

CREamedbyCandy site profile image  

10/18/10 9:45 PM by CREamedbyCandy

Rich Franklin retired Chuck Liddell with a one punch knockout. (the rest is considered too graphic for this thread) Deal with it.. Much better than Tito Ortiz retiring him with a loss right? Not saying that Chuck wouldn't win, I think he would.. 

sledhead site profile image  

10/18/10 9:43 PM by sledhead

 LOLOLOL... no door is ever closed... a couple more 200,000 PPV's and chuckles will be called back into action

Monsters Ball site profile image  

10/18/10 9:41 PM by Monsters Ball

Dana should bring Coleman back for a final fight with Chuck. Not much risk of Chuck being hurt in that one. Good chance Chuck can finish his career with a victory over another legend.

Hardy site profile image  

10/18/10 9:39 PM by Hardy


Benny Lava site profile image  

10/18/10 9:39 PM by Benny Lava

i'm glad dana is being a friend and not a businessman on this one