TUF 12, Episode 6 recap

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie.com

Team Koscheck's Marc Stevens (12-5) vs. Team GSP's Cody McKenzie (11-0)

Dana does the intros and fight-format recap, referee Steve Mazzagatti gets the action started, Cody waves off a call for a touch of the gloves, and we're underway. Cody charges in, and Marc checks a leg kick and immediately shoots for a takedown. Cody hits the deck but locks in a guillotine, and Marc's immediately in escape mode. Cody wraps his legs around one of opponent's, and within seconds, Marc is clearly asleep from the patented choke. The ref halts the fight, Cody celebrates the victory, and Team Koscheck and its head coach sits in absolutely stunned silenced.

"Cody did what he does best," Georges says.

"Koscheck was absolutely [expletive] horrified when Stevens gets choked out unconscious by Georges St-Pierre's No. 6 pick," Dana says with a laugh. "Absolutely horrified."

Josh and Marc admit their shock while Team GSP simply smiles and quietly celebrates back in the dressing room.

"Listen to me guys," Georges quickly announces. "You remember when they won the fight and hit the wall all cocky? I don't want this [expletive] on my team. I want you to be nice."

Cody knows Josh would've rubbed in a loss if he fell short against Marc. But with direction from Georges, he knows to be the better man.

Next door in the Team Koscheck dressing room, there's absolutely dead silence until Nam finally speaks up.

"Wow" is about all he can muster.

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plastekt site profile image  

10/21/10 8:27 PM by plastekt

I don't have tivo but put the reair of hte show on just to watch it again.

plastekt site profile image  

10/21/10 8:22 PM by plastekt

this is the first episode I've watched besides Nam Phan's this year and I'm glad I did.

Flynndiddy site profile image  

10/21/10 8:07 PM by Flynndiddy

Very impressed with Brookins, liked his attitude afterward also. I can't see Cody pulling that off with experienced ufc fighters, but it will be great to watch him try. And yes it was awesome to see the look on Kos's face, priceless.

Forssberg site profile image  

10/21/10 8:01 PM by Forssberg

This is the best TUF season ever. The two fights (and their ending) were absolutely amazing.

Forssberg site profile image  

10/21/10 8:00 PM by Forssberg

Cody talked about how influential you have been to his fighting career on The Aftermath.

War Mir site profile image  

10/21/10 6:51 PM by War Mir

It sure beats the swickotine haha.

FancyPants site profile image  

10/21/10 6:02 PM by FancyPants

 Ive trained with Cody since ive got out of prison. Mike Hanks and cody Mckenzie got me good at fighting. Cody isnt a one trick pony he is a fucking fighter

FancyPants site profile image  

10/21/10 5:59 PM by FancyPants

 cody is a stud

BMKBA site profile image  

10/21/10 5:47 PM by BMKBA

 Best episode by far, Marc Stevens is a douche. Just talkin shit lookin like a dick like Kos. Big fan of Jonathan, hope he wins. love his outlook on stuff

jellyman site profile image  

10/21/10 5:02 PM by jellyman

Team Kos was training specifically for that guillotine... Didn't seem to help much Not saying being a 1 trick pony will take him to the top but there was what looked to me to be a lot of transferrable skills in that guillotine execution - the pre-fight too. Stoner thing made me howl