Alvarez:says Coker trying to protect Melendez

by Joe Hall | source:

“Now I’m gonna go home. It’s perfect,” Eddie Alvarez said after battering Roger Huerta until the doctor stopped their lightweight bout after the second round.

“Every single thing worked tonight. Every single thing. It was sort of like [my trainers] plugged the remote control into the back of me, told me what to do and played with a paddle just like a video game.”

At the postfight news conference both Rebney and Alvarez turned to pushing for a co-promotional bout against Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez.

“There aren’t promotional issues,” Rebney said. “There aren’t any barriers to entry. There aren’t any hurdles.”

“What television network is it going to be on? We’ll do it on Showtime. Where will the fight happen? Well, let’s do it in San Jose. The answers to the questions are very simple.”

“There’s no reason that fight shouldn’t happen but for the fact that the promoter of Gilbert Melendez doesn’t want it to occur,

Scott Coker doesn’t want it to happen,” Alvarez echoed. “He’s trying to obviously protect his champion. I guess he has every right to. He has a business to run, so whatever.”

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FredruM site profile image  

10/24/10 12:17 PM by FredruM

Diaz himself said that he has no one to challenge him yet he turns down guys that would give hime trouble (guys that are calling him out)? Did his stock value or "ranking" go up eeking out a decision fighting KJ (a 155 lbs guy with limited ground game). Who has he fought and beat that is better than Mayhem or Heiron? Say what you want but it contradicts reality

guitarzero site profile image  

10/22/10 5:35 PM by guitarzero

coker has a full time job protecting caesars guys.

macman1000 site profile image  

10/22/10 5:17 PM by macman1000

get off of this thread with your whiney lil mouths. i will assrape all of you if given the chance!Melendez was talking smack so Eddie called him out on it being the true Kenzo he is. We dont like to talk around here, just give Eddie a time/date and have Gilbert show up with his pretty curls in his hair ready to get smacked around like the lil bitch he is.

michaelkaras site profile image  

10/22/10 5:08 PM by michaelkaras

thats not one good thing rankings-wise that would come from diaz fighting either of those people.

FredruM site profile image  

10/22/10 4:33 PM by FredruM

Yes, LOL at Diaz ducking Heiron? Diaz just wouldn't take the fight because he would have lost; don't call that ducking! He (Diaz) will "fight anyone" but won't fight Mayhem because "Mayhem doesn't deserve to fight him".LOL..You can be a Diaz fan and still keep it real. At a minimum he is avoiding styles.I don't think that Jake or gilbert are ducking people.

BzGrappla site profile image  

10/22/10 3:05 PM by BzGrappla

I like eddie, but to think Gil would be even afraid to fight him is laughable.It all comes down to MONEY and Business. Just like anything else

TheThrill site profile image  

10/22/10 2:40 PM by TheThrill

how didnt shields wanna fight pyle for the title? the reason it wasnt a title shot was because PYLE didnt want it to be,he made it known he was leaving right after that fight...that pissed shields off and we all see how long it took to finish him after that

TheThrill site profile image  

10/22/10 2:40 PM by TheThrill

ps i really wanna see gil vs eddie

piratepirate site profile image  

10/22/10 2:20 PM by piratepirate

 Why isn't he gunning for Aoki?

guitarzero site profile image  

10/22/10 2:19 PM by guitarzero

oh get back to your corner bitch.