Dos Santos says UFC 121 winner will get knocked out

by John Morgan | source:

"I'm so excited for this fight because I will know who is going to be the guy I will take the belt from," Dos Santos said on Friday. "I think Velasquez has a very good chance to be champion, but against me, it's going to be different.

I think Brock's a good fighter, too, but it doesn't matter who's going to win. When they fight against me, I will knock them out."

Dos Santos burst onto the UFC scene with an October 2008 "Knockout of the Night" win over Fabricio Werdum. Now just 26 years old, Dos Santos has worked quickly up the UFC's heavyweight ranks on the strength of six-straight impressive victories.

But while the Brazilian's octagon performances speak for themselves, Dos Santos said it's his observation of time in the gym the have him believing his time is now.

"When I started my career, I did a lot of sparring with the Nogueira brothers," Dos Santos said. "They are very good fighters, and I was starting out at that time, so they beat me a lot. Now, I feel better because with the Nogueira brothers, Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, they've helped me a lot, and it's important for me.

"I'm a more complete fighter than at that time, so I can do better sparring with them. Today, it's hard for them to spar with me."

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Recent Comments »

Hulk74 site profile image  

10/24/10 12:08 PM by Hulk74

Yea and everyone thought JDS would KO roy Nelson

Drummeryan site profile image  

10/24/10 12:01 PM by Drummeryan

JDS all day.

Invulnerablo site profile image  

10/24/10 11:28 AM by Invulnerablo

Cigano will win!The amercian fighter Cain, will start better but will end bad.

DontBanMeBro site profile image  

10/23/10 8:33 PM by DontBanMeBro

yes can a fan say JDS will KO Cain?u have to base it on past performances and so far hes KOed a couple of goons...nice uppercuts, caught gilbert with a nice counter but just saying. he teed off on nelson for 15min and couldnt come closeimagine that same fight but it being vs Cain instead. JDS would be on his back as often as cain wanted, JDS would not have hurt cain on the feet and cain woulda KOed him for sure if he landed the shots nelson did. just IMO fellas, take it or leave need to get all Cr4zy

BispingPoppedMyCheery site profile image  

10/23/10 6:38 PM by BispingPoppedMyCheery

 LOL JDS better PRAY Cain wins because is Frate wins he will be eating take downs, then the rape party begins for JDS....

gorillagrappling site profile image  

10/23/10 6:35 PM by gorillagrappling

Took JDS years of taking beatings from Nog to "get better" at fighting him. Cain destroyed him. ???? JDS is a fad. People were saying the same junk about Gonzaga. Then it was Carwin. Now they are saying those things about Cain. Lesnar will beat them both and they will be just like the rest of the "next big things." When Brock wins tonight, I think we are going to have to just get used to having him as champ for a while.

SeditiousViciousness site profile image  

10/23/10 6:30 PM by SeditiousViciousness

Hell yeah JDS!!! I love the confidence and I love the Manhoef-like fury he brings into the cage. Doesn't matter who wins tonight I can't wait to see them face off with Junior.

CRE site profile image  

10/23/10 6:28 PM by CRE

When Jr. has nightmares he sees the ghost of Montezuma aka Cain Velasquez 8 punches and a guard pass in 3 seconds did this