Cesar Gracie: Jake Shields is the man to beat GSP

source: fightmagazine.com

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georgejonesjr site profile image  

10/25/10 10:05 PM by georgejonesjr

I agree there's no reason to hate Shields, he seems like a pretty decent guy. Using the weight cut as an excuse was a bit annoying - he's a professional, he's supposed to know how to cut weight, but other than that he came across pretty well afterwards ... and its not his fault Gracie is overplaying him for marketing reasons.But you can like a guy and still point out that stylistically GSP is a very bad fight for him - he's got no way to get GSP to the ground, and GSP has a long record of fighting where the other guy is weak. It'll be a standup fight, and for some reason Shields has shown no interest in either improving his takedowns or his striking over his career ... that's not Shields hate, its just pointing out the obvious.

JJK site profile image  

10/25/10 5:34 PM by JJK

I personally would love o see Jake fight GSP!

IP site profile image  

10/25/10 5:29 PM by IP

I said this on another thread - Why all the Shields hate. I haven't heard him talk shit about anyone, and on the contrary, he's been low key and straight forward. Will he need to add something to his game in order to compete in the UFC? Probably. Is Gracie marketing Shields for a big fight with GSP? Probably, but he's certainly not saying anything outlandish. There are many other fighters with big mouths I can see hating on more so than Shields.

topshelf720 site profile image  

10/25/10 4:32 PM by topshelf720

 GSP will keep it standing and absolutely embarass Shields, no disrespect intended.  The only people I've seen come out and say Shields would beat GSP are Shields and his camp...I haven't heard it from anyone else, and there's a reason you dont hear it from anyone else.  I actually think Kos has a better shot than Shields, and Kos has a very small chance.

Shoot23 site profile image  

10/25/10 4:03 PM by Shoot23

GSP probably keeps it standing and KOs Shields easily.

MMBB site profile image  

10/25/10 3:47 PM by MMBB

Phil Baroni says he discovered Martin Kampmann and discusses AKA guys not fighting each other in "the best interview EVA" athttp://www.mondaymorningblackbelt.com/?p=1452

Fredrico site profile image  

10/25/10 12:58 PM by Fredrico

GSP the non risk taker will probably avoid the ground at all costs. Who knows though his ground is his strength also.

FreakDaddy site profile image  

10/25/10 12:55 PM by FreakDaddy

GSP will stuff his shots and then pick him apart like Fitch. He may even take him down and beat on him after he wears him down.

Fredrico site profile image  

10/25/10 12:51 PM by Fredrico

Shields will have to catch GSP in round 1 on the fence and drop to a guillotine. Can't see him subbing or damaging GSP in the later rounds.GSP will probably point fight the first round and feel out the distance and timing, not get careless like Kampmann or Hendo. He will then pick up da Riddum in round 2 and on and wear Shields down. Probably round 3 TKO stoppage by ref. He ain't subbing Shields.

RIPLEY site profile image  

10/25/10 11:40 AM by RIPLEY

BJ would wreck Shields.