Kampmann very disappointed with his performance versus Shields

source: mmasucka.com

MMASucka – It was obviously a war, what were your thoughts on the fight?

Kampmann – I don’t know if I’d call it a war, because it wasn’t really a fight. He was just trying to hold me down. I think I made some stupid mistakes and those are what cost me the fight. I could have won the fight, but I made mistakes like trying to get the choke when I should have stayed up. He was just riding off the clock and staying on top.

MMASucka – Do you feel like you did enough to get the win?

Kampmann – I could see some people thinking I won it, because I definitely think I did more damage. He didn’t do any damage to me and I hurt him with knees and a lot to the body as well. The second round they could’ve given me for the knock down and the third round was kind of half and half. I controlled the first half of the round and the rest I went for a stupid choke where I should have just stayed on top and that kind of gave the round away. That was when he got on top of me and took my back. I could see why he won, because he was on top and it looked like he was controlling the fight, but you know it’s up to the judges. I’m more disappointed in myself because I could’ve won it. I’d love to fight him again!

MMASucka – What was your game plan going into the fight? Did you want to keep it standing as much as possible?

Kampmann – I definitely wanted to keep it standing and as long as I’m on top on the ground game I don’t mind being on the ground. For some reason I felt the pressure to try and finish him. I was going for that choke too much on him and I shouldn’t have done that. I’ve been working on it a lot and catching a lot of people in training, so I guess I thought I could’ve gotten it. Looking back at it I should have just controlled top position and pounded away, and that would have won me the fight. Sometimes in the heat of the moment you make bad decisions and do stupid things.

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cumprido1 site profile image  

10/27/10 6:23 PM by cumprido1

Kampman could've won the fight. Jake was 100% gassed and it showed, yet MK chose to try and tap him while in guard, and not scamble back to the feet. It just demonstrates the grappling ability that Shields has. He can keep guys down no matter how beat up or tired he is.

Sadyv site profile image  

10/27/10 6:21 PM by Sadyv

How in the hell could he have made that mistake, though?<br /><br />I really am baffled by the thought process that must have been going on in Martin's mind the entire third round.

Anomonis site profile image  

10/27/10 5:56 PM by Anomonis

Total Quote Fail. Kampmann sounded classy IMO and it sounds like the first couple people who responded to this thread didn't even read the interview. He straight up admits he made the mistake of grappling with Shields when he shouldn't have. He always says less about Shield's ludicrously bad cardio than he could have. Gains respect from me with this interview.

OMA (tm) site profile image  

10/27/10 5:31 PM by OMA (tm)

 Oh Kampmann!!! Whatever gets you through the day, right????

thorncore site profile image  

10/27/10 5:05 PM by thorncore

when i think back both Kampmann and Shields were disppointingly flat and the main thing I take from the fight is that neither guy is a remote threat to the title.

Domingo site profile image  

10/27/10 4:54 PM by Domingo

Sure - and he was able to execute exactly the same way in every other round without getting hit again. He did the same thing in dozens of other fights, too. Just like Arona got tagged by Soko once...it's still a 1/100 kind of thing. Those two make me scratch my head, but it's obviously something they're doing right.

Irregular John site profile image  

10/27/10 4:36 PM by Irregular John

He got smashed in the face twice by Henderson in their fight and - according to an interview - apparently finished the round fighting purely on instinct. If Hendo didn't gas out these days just by swinging his arms a few times he probably would have finished the fight.

Vitor29 site profile image  

10/27/10 4:32 PM by Vitor29

That fight was his to lose and he manage to do it. He made bad choices during that fight which cost him the victory. He can't blame Shields for his loss, because he could have beaten Shields handily had he used better judgement.

Domingo site profile image  

10/27/10 4:31 PM by Domingo

Lots of guys have had this problem with Jake. There's something he's doing in "trapping" range that makes strikers tie him up and there's something he does on the mat that makes people not stand up...even when there's nothing holding them down. It's his biggest strength. Jake is a lot like Reicardo Arona. In nearly every fight you can see him with his hands down and chin in the sky but somehow he avoids the big shot 99% of the time. It's frustrating as a fan - but this is something they seem to have mastered.

GameJunkie site profile image  

10/27/10 4:19 PM by GameJunkie

Yeah, the way Big John kept standing Tom Lawlor up for no reason, you figure it would have carried over to the Shields fight.