Belfort moved to Vegas, wants to end career in USA


Eduardo Ferreira: How are the trainings for Anderson Silva’s bout going?

Vitor BelfortGreat man, the rhythm is good. I’ve been training with Ray Sefo, Rodrigo Artilheriro, a world champion of Muay Thai… I’ve been training on Randy Couture’s gym and on Tapout’s gym. Everything’s going just fine. Vegas don’t have beaches, so I only train here. I decided to move here because I want to end my career on the United States, where I started it.

EF: You once were the heavyweight and then light heavyweight champion and now you have the chance to make history as you’ll fight for a belt on a another division. Does that motivate you for this fight against Anderson?

 VB: That’s just one of the factors that motivate me. What motivates me the most is being able to perform the work I’ve been doing in a good act. My expectations are these, they are all about what I can do on that fight.

 EF: Do you already have a strategy settled for this bout?

 VB: Anderson is very versatile so you can’t have one settled game plan. The important thing is to be prepared for anything because he’s a great fighter. You can get there thinking things will go one way, but it can suddenly change. I know he’s the best in the world, but I can't get intimidated by it.

 EF: Wanderlei Silva gave a statement saying that Anderson Silva will freak the hell out of you. What do you think about it?

  VB: I don’t think anything, he’s a spectator and he can think whatever he wants to. If you have a mouth, you can say whatever you want and Wanderlei has a big mouth. But it’s about cheering, everyone can cheer for their favorite, and the important is to be respectful and know how to choose the right words. In February I’ll have my chance for the belt and let’s see how it’ll be.

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The pic in that article makes Vitor look like he caught teh AIDS.

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Won't be long now, Anderson by devastating omfg wtf roflmao type KO. Early.