NY State Sen. Reilly: I singlehandedly kept UFC out of NY

source: cagepotato.com

New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly  put his personal agenda against MMA on prominent display during a debate this week with opposing candidate Jennifer Whalen.

"On a personal level, because what happens in the legislature -- you have to shepherd certain bills through, I will be working, as I've said, twice already -- my forfeeiture of pension bill. I will also be working on the bill -- although it is not a bill -- I will be working against the bill that would put Ultimate Fighting into this state. Those are a personal effort where I am the lead legislator on those two efforts."

"Probably the single effort that I did -- and I won’t say that it's the most important -- is my single effort to keep Ultimate Fighting out of New York State. Why those who advocate this violent and vicious sport for the reason that it will bring money to this state, I, in fact, claim it will not."

"I'm proud of the fact that almost single-handedly I have kept this out of New York not only because violence begets violence and it’s not what we should have in our state, but also it ultimately saves us money by not having this sport in New York."

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Recent Comments »

PTSandman site profile image  

11/1/10 11:05 AM by PTSandman

I saw a bunch of local Anti-Reilly ads on TV this weekend, but they were not paid for by Whalen or the Republican party.I wonder who pumped cash into this race this late?

Cockblock site profile image  

10/30/10 12:19 PM by Cockblock

While Bob Reilley isn't the most competent or credible opponent of MMA on earth, he has a right to his (ill-informed) opinion. And I never thought I'd say this, but everything CRE said was 100% accurate.

KneeToFaceKo site profile image  

10/30/10 12:02 PM by KneeToFaceKo


Pull Lead site profile image  

10/30/10 11:43 AM by Pull Lead

This dipshit is just another Obama yes man. He'll suck the dick of any union leader or Obama guy to get a vote. He isn't interested in making anything better, he just wants to keep a paycheck coming in.

reasonable_mma site profile image  

10/30/10 10:37 AM by reasonable_mma

But Frank Shamrock said it was because Dana said swear words all the time.

Sinead O Connors Nipples site profile image  

10/29/10 4:24 AM by Sinead O Connors Nipples

This kind of shit really gets on my nerves, i'll wager that he has barely watched any MMA at all.It's the same old stigma that comes with the sport unfortunately, people hear "cage" and they think "barbaric"It's bollocks really, people have an opinion without ever watching it.

12 site profile image  

10/29/10 3:34 AM by 12

not the ufc,all the casino's and hotels

Caestus site profile image  

10/29/10 3:25 AM by Caestus

Therein, most likely, lies the problem. UFC signs Union papers and has to hire Union workers shrinking their profitability. UFC does a great job catering to the fans but it's still a business at the end of the day.

12 site profile image  

10/29/10 3:18 AM by 12

it's the unions keeping station casino's out aka zuffa ufc,all they would have to do is sign the labor agreementand they would be in ny