Couture: Title runs are behind me, to be honest

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

"I don't think I'm going to make any public announcements because I don't think anybody's going to buy it," Couture said in comments which aired on Thursday's edition of ESPN's MMA Live. "I did that once and came back. I don't want to be like Brett [Favre]. I do feel like I've had my wars, I've had my battles. I've been there, I've done that. I am competing and training and feel better than I ever felt physically but I don't see myself making another run at the title, at heavyweight or light-heavyweight, being honest."

"I think at some point, I've got to call enough, enough. I've had an amazing year. My last few fights in honesty were more novelty fights. Not to take anything away from my opponents, but that's the truth of the matter. They didn't really matter in the division, they didn't really put me any closer to a title, and I have to make a decision at some point. So I think I would entertain another novelty-type fight. I could still compete but I don't see myself making a run at the title any time soon."

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Musashi site profile image  

10/30/10 1:34 AM by Musashi

Brock was a novelty fight because Brock doesn't matter in the division.

Mmanizzle site profile image  

10/30/10 1:14 AM by Mmanizzle

 dude, TTT for Couture knowing his limits but can still entertain the shit out of us!  Beat Tito's ass one more time and make him retire!

StevetheWeasel site profile image  

10/29/10 6:44 PM by StevetheWeasel

I'd really like to see him fight for the 205 title. But, yeah, the sooner the better.

Luke Silentlurker site profile image  

10/29/10 6:39 PM by Luke Silentlurker

Finally someone brings this up and I agree. Chuck was a dirty player. I'm not saying he was the biggest rule breaker, but he did play dirty.

Monsters Ball site profile image  

10/29/10 1:38 PM by Monsters Ball

Open Hand:

KidJustice site profile image  

10/29/10 1:35 PM by KidJustice

 If he ends it now he goes out on top with a win. It makes him marketable as an Action Hero for Movies and such. Randy has some money making years ahead of him in the movies even if he does a couple of B type movies direct to video I bet he clears $250,000 or more (sales and such) per release. He probably made a good salary for the Expendables...

Juzz site profile image  

10/29/10 1:35 PM by Juzz

Way better than Fedor vs Randy. No one gives a shit about that fight anymore.  

1oldfart site profile image  

10/29/10 1:30 PM by 1oldfart

he has entertained many and been through some wars. at nearly 50 he probably just realizes he doesnt have the same energy to put into it anymore.and besides, the movie roles are coming to him and that is what will pay the bills from here on out.

DirkH site profile image  

10/29/10 1:27 PM by DirkH


Demonyo site profile image  

10/29/10 1:21 PM by Demonyo

Honesty?! Couture's still the man!