Coker confirms Rebney texts sent to old number

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I spoke with scott coker a few minutes ago and one of the things that was discussed was the ongoing Strikeforce-Bellator situation involving Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez.

BloodyElbow posted a note in their article with Bjorn Rebney's text messages yesterday that said that Mike Afromowitz had told them that Scott no longer uses that number. Scott tells me that he hasn't used it in months.

If Bjorn did send out those messages and the dozens of others that he claims to have sent, they went to a number that hasn't been used by Scott for quite some time.

Scott told me that Strikeforce is currently more focused on featuring Melendez in either a trilogy fight with Josh Thomson or rematches with Shinya Aoki or Tatsuya Kawajiri, but that fights with Billy Evangelista and/or Jorge Masvidal are also possible down the line. Lyle Beerbohm is also in the mix.

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MentaL site profile image  

11/1/10 1:06 PM by MentaL

 mma bosses are very professional these days.

liquidrob site profile image  

11/1/10 1:04 PM by liquidrob

Coker better not get on Facebook, Bjorn will be all over him

RNunberg site profile image  

11/1/10 12:35 PM by RNunberg

 Occam's razor:  Coker is ducking.

sparkuri site profile image  

11/1/10 12:23 PM by sparkuri

 1) If you're gonna ask someone a question, you'd be better off not assuming the answer, then commenting on it. Might as well talk to the wall. 2) Neither you or anyone else on this message board know the specifics of any negotiations between M-1 and the UFC. We can surmise however, it had nothing to do with the UFC building an arena in Russia, as Strikeforce seems to have got the job done without a shovel. 3) And the clincher.  Huh ?

Boldar site profile image  

11/1/10 12:06 PM by Boldar

1) So in your mind in a negotiation the company with the position of power should bend over for the company in the weaker position?  Wow, that's bad business sense.  Dana's negotiated with Fedor/Vadim numerous times and they were simply not interested in a realistic deal that all other top fighters in the UFC (and likely 99.9% of the rest of fighters in MMA) signed.  This is NOT a UFC issue. 2) Of course, but that's business right? 3) And the clincher.  You say this despite your above comments on the UFC.  It works both ways.

Boldar site profile image  

11/1/10 11:32 AM by Boldar

 Really rather see both in the UFC, but wouldn't mind seeing them fight it out first.  Not that interested in JT triology nor Aoki rematch at this point, especially compared to Alvarez.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

11/1/10 11:28 AM by JimmersonzGlove

Here's what Sugar Ray Leonard had to say about Bjorn: "Leonard says a falling out with partner Bjorn Rebney along with a new time-consuming project, NBC's forthcoming reality show The Contender, made him decide to throw in the towel on promoting. "That guy (Rebney) I worked with is suing me," Leonard says. "My company could have blossomed, but I had a cancer in my company.""  

BlackLesnar site profile image  

11/1/10 6:51 AM by BlackLesnar

Not true. LOL @ people getting on Coker for not wanting to work with this POS Rebney. Look at the guy's past. Why work with him? Coker has NOTHING to gain by putting on the fights. No added viability or anything.

sparkuri site profile image  

11/1/10 5:42 AM by sparkuri

 1) No, but Fedor vs. Lesnar would have been for alot of fans. Are you implying the UFC couldn't have made this happen, or would have put their company in some kind of jeopardy if they had ? 2) Coker is trying to run a premier mixed martial arts organization while THE premier mma organization would like nothing more than too make them non-existent. Do you believe those fighters would be upset if Coker had some breathing room ?  3) What does Strikeforce have to lose ?  Uhhhhh. Their credibility ? Then money ? ect. ? Just to state my position, I'd love to see Eddie vs. Gil . But if Gil loses, it's a large blow to them. Not so much for Bellator, who while being awesome, are but a blip on the radar. Hardly a target for Zuffa. Bjorn is going too far too fast. It's inappropriate business ethics for 2 companies trying to make their mark. Bjorn has no  big fights for Eddie.  This just ain't gonna happen. Next.

brahmabull81 site profile image  

11/1/10 3:53 AM by brahmabull81

Coker might now just refuse the fight out of spite. Hes very "behind closed doors" about all his business (as you can tell by how he handles fighters in public) and all this bullrushing isnt going to make him want to deal with these people.