Rampage would go to Heavyweight to make exciting fights

by Gary Alexander | source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

Fighters Only asked ‘Rampage’ for his opinion on his fight with Rashad Evans and he gives it honestly. “Boring."

“Whenever I lose it always makes me hungrier but it also depends on how I lose. Quite honestly I would rather be fighting someone more exciting (than Lyoto Machida) just because I feel like my last fight was really boring, a lot more boring than I wanted it to be."

“So I wanted to fight someone who is a little bit more exciting and now the pressure is on me to make the fight exciting ... Am I gonna play it safe just to get the win or am I gonna be the normal fighter that I am and look to make the fight exciting?”

“I would have fought somebody coming off a loss to make the fight more exciting, I was even willing to fight at heavyweight, someone who is going to bang. At the end of the day, me, I really don’t care if I win or lose, my main thing is a good fight."

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jimboslice1 site profile image  

11/3/10 5:02 AM by jimboslice1


jimboslice1 site profile image  

11/3/10 5:00 AM by jimboslice1

Thinks he's more interested in films etc now but fair play, it's a shame and I think his heart isn't in it as much. But still the dude is a bad ass fighter and can see 1st or early 2nd round KTFO. Also cro cop rampage at he would be very interesting.

joe k site profile image  

11/3/10 4:44 AM by joe k

Yeah, sounds like Rampage is done. Wand on the other hand, seems to have gotten some spirit and motivation back. If he just could keep himself uninjured

HELWIG site profile image  

11/2/10 11:19 AM by HELWIG

" At the end of the day, me, I really don’t acre if I win or lose, my main thing is a good fight,” he says." Once an athlete starts talking like this, its the end of them ever being a serious contender. Killed me to hear it from Wand.

joe k site profile image  

11/2/10 3:42 AM by joe k

When Machida moves backwards his chin isn't sticking out. The karate stance is his signature move.I might just get a blue name to bet on this match.

mrmetoo site profile image  

11/2/10 2:16 AM by mrmetoo

This post mad me chuckle.

doubleleg07 site profile image  

11/2/10 1:57 AM by doubleleg07

rashad is definitely faster than ramage, but im wondering if you watched the fight again. rahsad won because he contolled rampage against the fence with superior wrestling and conditioning. verryy little exchanges to highlight the speed deficiency, more pointless head bobbing he did occasionally and sporatically and didnt follow up with anything. and rashad lost to machida because he relied solely on his standup.the only shot rampage has is for machida to come down with Goku's Heart Virus right after they touch gloves.

stlnl2 site profile image  

11/2/10 1:51 AM by stlnl2

Well of course he would, he was a Demi-god, and now is fully divine, or at least I think he is, been a while since I read that book.

aKaBeasTTT site profile image  

11/2/10 1:48 AM by aKaBeasTTT

Fedor lost to Werdum. Werdum lost to JDS. JDS will lose to Cain? Cain > All ?????

sourcheese site profile image  

11/2/10 1:48 AM by sourcheese

jesus. he will rape machada