Roy Nelson: I would love to fight Rampage


I just read Rampage willing to fight hwy, I would love to take that fight plus it a good pay day for rampage and fans would watch 


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11/2/10 5:49 PM by chucktownbrown


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11/2/10 4:45 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 sounds like roy just wants to fight anyone, and quick

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11/2/10 2:09 PM by BET MMA

Roy Nelson agrees to keep the fight standing the whole time, he will take more beating than he did from Dos Santos.

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11/2/10 1:44 PM by bigmarky


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11/2/10 1:38 PM by RUSRedDevil

roy would take down page no problem

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11/2/10 12:44 PM by Holmes0

Gotta give props to Roy for really campaigning for a fight. He isn't even particularily choosy. Seems like he'll fight anybody, and who doesn't respect that?

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11/2/10 12:43 PM by 1oldfart

if rampage doesnt make it past machida then i would love to see this fight.

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11/2/10 12:13 PM by BobD

 Even better.  Brock wants Nelson.

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11/2/10 11:30 AM by anunaki

are you high bro? what in gods name would make you think that Roy is better in the clinch than rashad?besides your join date that is...Rampage is the superior wrestler and striker in this matchup.Nelsons bjj is certainly better, but hes gotta take down a 225 lb, didn't have to cut weight rampage in this dream scenario, and that shit is not going to happen.Nelson would eat a counter like chuck and wand did and it's night night.Nelson is definitely game though.

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11/2/10 1:58 AM by Counterweight

Lol at Rampage hitting harder than JDS.