Huerta suffered broken orbital in loss to Alvarez

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

The doctor stoppage in Roger Huerta's recent TKO loss at the hands of Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was questioned by some, but credit the cageside physician for saving Huerta from further damage.

According to Huerta's manager Jeff Clark, the game lightweight suffered broken orbital bones in both eyes during the course of the bout.

The orbital bone is the part of the skull that houses the eye and its appendages.

"He's a little beaten up but how long he stays out really depends on the breaks," Clark told MMA Fighting. "The doctors are looking at it."

Orbital bone breaks are most often seen in sports in combat sports like MMA and boxing, along with ice hockey, and recovery times vary wildly depending on severity. Huerta's recovery time likely won't be determined for a few days as specialists do further tests, according to Clark.

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C1010 site profile image  

11/3/10 10:57 AM by C1010

+2 Alvarez did a hell of a job, I hope that match with Gil works out.

paw site profile image  

11/3/10 10:52 AM by paw


Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

11/3/10 10:50 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

Gomi is probably the worst matchup for Alvarez. He is the hardest hitter at LW and has one of the best chins and is hard to take down.

cyberc92 site profile image  

11/3/10 10:47 AM by cyberc92

Eddie has been sparring with Frankie Edgar for years now. Eddie always had decent boxing. He would just overcommit sometimes which would leave him open for counters. Eddie and Frankie are both similar except that Eddie hits a lot harder than Frankie.

Billyz site profile image  

11/3/10 10:39 AM by Billyz

Huerta i the Baroni of 155 with cardio. tough as fucking hell and just keeps swinging, seems you have to kill the kid to stop him.That cant be taught,

Humbert Humbert site profile image  

11/3/10 9:58 AM by Humbert Humbert

don't like huerta but the dude is a tough motherfucker

quidnunc site profile image  

11/3/10 8:14 AM by quidnunc

he has come along and is training/sparring with edgar part time. i dont know who trains edgar but he's adopted the same style. he still has a lot of holes in defense but is drastically better than he was last year. he used to move like a robot with his head perfectly erect. he kept his hands really low in this last fight and falls back into that when not moving but it might be he's worried about being put on his back

The Sultan site profile image  

11/3/10 5:56 AM by The Sultan

 damn, Huerta got the living snot beat out of him in that fight.

orcus site profile image  

11/3/10 12:29 AM by orcus

With how Eddie's standup looked in this fight (and most of his others), it's kind of weird he didn't seem to want to stand with Neer at all, and in fact almost looked uncomfortable on the feet in that fight.

Joe Rogan site profile image  

11/2/10 11:42 PM by Joe Rogan

You took the words right out of my mouth.I mouthed that, and then I read what you said.Fuck, Roger is a tough motherfucker.