Breaking down the MMA-related election results

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UFC-supported, Nevada Senator Harry Reid survived a close battle for his seat in the U.S. Senate. Reid and Dana White actually voted together. Reid has assisted the UFC in attempting to persuade NY to pass Legislation legalizing MMA.

Andrew Cuomo defeated Carl Paladino to become New York’s Governor. Although he has no official position on MMA, Zuffa donated to his campaign. This could mean that Governor Cuomo would entertain the idea of MMA legislation.

NY Assemblyman Steven Engelbright retained his seat in NY’s Fourth District. In the past, Engelbert has sponsored bills supporting MMA.

Those hoping for a step forward in legalizing mixed martial arts in New York were disappointed Tuesday night, as incumbent representative Bob Reilly was re-elected in a close race with Republican nominee Jennifer Whalen to his seat in the New York State Assembly in the 2010 mid-term elections.

The 109th District Assemblyman has been NY’s leading voice in opposing legislation that would allow MMA in New York Statee, opposing multiple bills proposing the sport's legalization in New York.

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver won reelection Tuesday. Although Silver has not given an official position on MMA legislation, he is a close ally of Reilly.

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Augie Max site profile image  

11/3/10 3:02 PM by Augie Max

 Thanks Mike!  Here's hoping for the best.

siouxNYC site profile image  

11/3/10 2:57 PM by siouxNYC 

Lurker of the Year 2007 and 2008 site profile image  

11/3/10 2:03 PM by Lurker of the Year 2007 and 2008

 If he does win, Cuomo needs to step up and change this man's mind.  NYS needs money and fast.  We are looking at a projected budget deficit of almost 9 billion dollars next year thanks to the fucking morans in Albany. 

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

11/3/10 11:54 AM by RyannVonDoom

LOL @ reid being good for MMA. Fuck him, fuck the sheep and fuck Dana/Lorenzo/Frank/Chuck for their bullshit. Hopefully Frank gets investigated for his letter to all the station casino staffers.   

Mike Chiappetta site profile image  

11/3/10 11:44 AM by Mike Chiappetta

Original post is incorrect. The race is still undecided. He's up 577 votes with about 2700 absentee ballots still outstanding.Last nite Reilly was expected to win (and declared winner) but late results went heavy in his opponent's favor. The race is now considered undecided.

RickRude site profile image  

11/3/10 11:11 AM by RickRude

Reilly sucks

knucklesinyourface site profile image  

11/3/10 10:26 AM by knucklesinyourface

98% of those elected are either lying, douche bags or will be lying douche bags.... Once in office, money talks and they don't give a rats ass whats best for the peeps.

FloridaStriker site profile image  

11/3/10 10:15 AM by FloridaStriker

There are thousands of 18 yr olds bitching about their wasted votes right fucking now"the one guy who won't let us fite, he won n stuff. Fuck bro"

JOB site profile image  

11/3/10 9:26 AM by JOB

Voting for MMA regulation is way down on the list of things I consider important for a politician. Anyone who let this sway their voting is a numbskull. I don't know anything about this guy - so hopefully he was voted in based on his political merits, rather than his views on MMA.

KenFlo Choked on Sushi site profile image  

11/3/10 9:21 AM by KenFlo Choked on Sushi

 Yeah I'm sure whoever replaced Harry Reid wouldn't use the same free tickets to sporting events and casinos that he does.  Republicans against MMA, that's laughable.  That guy is a first class douche bag, we would of all been better off if he'd gone down.   And don't even bring up McCain, he's a "Progressive" and is a douche bag as well, he also should of lost but nooo.