Zombie not fighting like a Zombie ever again

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In the end, a fighter who is all talk.
Who showed and proved nothing.
Drunken by the chants of 'ZOMBIE!!! ZOMBIE!!!'
Not even a single mark left on my opponent's face.
Even until the end, I was going for that one big shot...
As if going for a takedown were a sin, I didn't even consider it.
So, that is how scary and painful it is to get knocked out.
I can feel a similar pain in my heart...
On the way to the hospital - as they drew my blood and performed the CT scan - I could only think one thing...
That I would never fight again.
All I could think about was my friend, Jun Seok. I would go learn his trade and work alongside him, like my friends - at a regular job.
Returning to the hotel...after seeing the fans...and the smirk from George(Roop)...
I went to my room and sat down with my team, where the atmosphere was much more relaxed and calm.
As I continued to question my relevance in MMA...
Suddenly the words of advice that Brian had offered to me at the hospital, came to mind.
Fighting in Korea...fighting in Japan...overcoming all those odds, to end it like this?
Is this why I delayed going to the army?
Is this why I've been competing since high school?
The worst part being...
Is this the best I can do?
Am I only good enough to lose to a fighter who was perceived as mediocre by MMA fans?
So, I've decided to give this one more shot.
But, the pride I once had for fighting 'Zombie Style' has been shattered.
I'm going to change.
It's okay if you take away my Korean Zombie title.
It's okay if everyone boos me.
It's okay if no one in the world ever cheers for me again.
For everyone who has supported me thus far, that I have let down...
I make this promise to you...that I will never fight with the same style, ever again."

- Jung, Chan-Sung (via his blog post following the Roop fight; translated to English)

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Recent Comments »

danijelj site profile image  

11/3/10 4:25 PM by danijelj

much like bisping

Dragon X site profile image  

11/3/10 3:28 PM by Dragon X

I can see why he wants to change. That was a nasty knockout

Fake Rassler site profile image  

11/3/10 3:27 PM by Fake Rassler

LOL more like the korean downer jeezzombies became lame some time ago anyway. There are 50-100 zombie TV shows alone not to mention zombie movies, merchandise, porn sites, etc. Even reconstructed former UFC fighter Nate Quarry is now drawing himself as a zombie in the hope that he will be given a movie deal and more. The point is that our culture is currently oversaturated with gay zombie stuff and although the korean zombie was funny for a while as an MMA fan I cannot support anyone KOed by a fighter I perceive as being mediocre. The only problem is, now Chan Sung Jung or whoever has no gimmick. Remember when superman got his ass kicked by that guy at the bar? We may see that happen over and over again

BigWilliam site profile image  

11/3/10 3:01 PM by BigWilliam

It's not going to be as easy to do it as it is to say it. It will take a lot of work and time to fight a style that has any real differences.

ceiling_cat site profile image  

11/3/10 2:37 PM by ceiling_cat

he has a great chin and real power. If he could get some footwork and head movment going he'd be deadly. I think lots of us will miss the zombie though. People loved it for a reason. Not many fighters are that fearless.

Haulport site profile image  

11/3/10 2:36 PM by Haulport

His style is going to get him killed................ Happy to see him look to mix things up. Hope he stays as exciting as ever and just fights smarter. You don't have to Stand n' Wang to be exciting.  

joe bruce site profile image  

11/3/10 2:18 PM by joe bruce

Bad idea, his style worked for him a majaority of his fights, learning a new style wont erase his last head kick loss.

ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

11/3/10 1:54 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 Good...we'll finally see how good he really is. Can't wait. Am a fan.

Nubinatub site profile image  

11/3/10 1:45 PM by Nubinatub

War jung! Youre still one of my fav fighters even after the loss. He will come back better than ever.