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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to clear up some rumors... I did agree to fight in the UFC in January but nothing is signed. Considering it is for the Troops and in Texas, how could I not! I am still recovering from my medical procedure (BoTox injections into my esophagus) but look to make a good recovery.

In a recent Sherdog interview I was miss-quoted as saying...

“I know I’m going to be fighting Jan. 22, and I know I’m going to put on a good performance,” the 31-year-old Houston native said. “I’m not sure whether I’ll be as good as I was before [being out for the last 11 months], but I do think I can fight at this level and fight as well as I want.”

Either its a miss-quote or it was taken out of context. I don't remember saying any of that last part. We were talking about being as healthy as before and what I meant was that I will never be as healthy as I was before the issue. There is no cure for my condition, only treatment. With this procedure and meds, this should not effect my career. I plan to come out in January and put on the fight of my life.

After my last fight I thought my fighting career could be over. I truly thought I could not train and compete at this level and since getting correctly re-diagnosed and treated, I have been exuberant. I feel as though I have been given a second chance and I will never take fighting for granted.

I wanna give an extra shout out to Kaiser Permanente for misdiagnosing me with Dyspepsia 4 years ago and telling me there is nothing I can do about it!

As for my weight, I am at 182lbs. Up from 173lbs which is great! And if you are wondering, most of that 9 pounds has been accumulating in my biceps! Rippin out of my extra medium tees now! ;)

I have been training a few weeks now and will travel to Brazil this week to continue to train. I will then return and start my official fight camp at AKA-San Jose as usual.

I will be posting updates from Brazil on my Twitter and Facebook and also video blogging on my youtube channel. If you guys follow, shoot me over ideas of what you wanna see. I hear Rio is a crazy place and there is a lot to get into there....

Thanks for all the support! You guys have been great!


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Daverr site profile image  

3/31/11 11:39 AM by Daverr

good luck with the comeback swicky

Jetster site profile image  

3/31/11 11:27 AM by Jetster

Good Luck Mike!!

aaronlynton site profile image  

3/30/11 5:57 PM by aaronlynton


RickStorm site profile image  

11/7/10 9:53 PM by RickStorm

Damn Mike.. That sounds pretty crazy. It's one thing to go threw all that and work in an office but I can't imagine going threw that while trying to stay in top shape to train and fight.. Best of luck and I wish you well...

Brycer site profile image  

11/7/10 5:01 PM by Brycer

FUCK! Craving oatmeal right now..

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

11/7/10 4:31 PM by duckhuntgangsta


Racer X site profile image  

11/7/10 1:30 PM by Racer X

As a fellow reflux sufferer and Kaiser member, this has been an enlightening thread. 

MentalRage site profile image  

11/7/10 10:20 AM by MentalRage

TTTgood luck Mike!

shootfightermike site profile image  

11/7/10 2:54 AM by shootfightermike

so friggin awesome are you the guy headed to wwe?