Phil Baroni: Never imagined MMA so big, would have trained a lot harder


James Lees:  What do you feel went wrong in your last fight with Amir Sadollah?

Phil Baroni:  I did it all wrong man. I cut 22lbs in less than 72 hours. I mean, you saw Jake Shields' fight the other week...he didn't look so good either having to cut a lot of weight. It was a big mistake and if I ever go down in weight again I'd do it a lot differently. I think I'm just better off at 185lbs to be honest though. Cutting so much weight especially towards the end as the fight draws closer – you just don't recover. It was a big problem and I had a poor performance in that fight. I wasn't feeling well and was just struggling going into the fight but you know, I signed the contract, I was scheduled to fight and I needed the money.

JL: How has training in Thailand changed you? How did it compare to training in the States?

If you want to learn Muay Thai there is no better place than Thailand. Same thing if you wanted to learn Jiu-Jitsu then you'd go to Brazil. Being out there really helped me. I worked on a lot of techniques especially clinch work and a lot of kicks. I've always had some problems in the clinch where I've taken knees from a lot of opponents. I think though, that I'll be ready and a lot better

I was training twice a day, six times per week when I was there. I was having private training sessions with the best trainers they have there including Kru Yod who is a legendary kickboxer.

JL: Your next fight is against Brad Tavares at UFC 125. Your thoughts on the fight? What can fans expect?

NYBA: It's a very important fight for me and my career. I'm doing everything I can to be in the best possible condition that I can be. Tavares is a typical Hawaiian you know? He's a really tough guy, a good stand-up fighter and a good athlete. And he fights with some balls too. It's going to be a standup fight and whoever hits the hardest is going to win. I think I'm going to hit harder than him and I don't think he can take what I can dish out. We'll find out though.

JL: Back when you were starting out, did you ever imagine MMA becoming as big as it is now?

NYBA: Never. Not at all. I mean, I had hopes that it would but I never thought it would happen. I don't know if anyone did. I only wish I could have known because I would have trained a lot harder and really made sure that my game was at a much higher level.

JL: What if the UFC hadn't been an option for you? If MMA had never taken off what would you have done?

NYBA: I dunno wrestling? (laughs) I dunno man, I'm too short for pro wrestling. Who knows? I'm just happy that it was an option and now I'm just going to focus on doing the best that I can. What would I have done? Who the hell knows? All I know is that I wouldn't be as happy as I am now fighting in the UFC.

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shootfightermike site profile image  

11/7/10 2:56 AM by shootfightermike

 are you the ufc guy headed to wwe?

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11/7/10 2:55 AM by aKaBeasTTT


Grein site profile image  

11/7/10 2:11 AM by Grein

Man, Baroni sold me on his upcoming fight. Can't wait!WAR NYBA!

Camel Killer site profile image  

11/7/10 2:05 AM by Camel Killer

Hey Phil would you consider sporting a Sluggo Kids logo? We're still trying to get it going but we try to get youth athletes some recognition. Check us out at

PhilBaroni site profile image  

11/7/10 1:26 AM by PhilBaroni

I'm going to give it my all 100percent. Ill be ready to take 2 to give one. I can't wait 2 fight in front of you all again. Thank you for the support I really appreciate it. Its been a ten year roller coaster baby! And the best is yet 2 come. I got a lot of fight left. Tavares be there or be square. Meet you in the center of the octagon in the immortal words of mY brother Kevin Randalman Let's Trade Bitch!!!! NYBA Phil B

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11/6/10 7:37 PM by EvilMaster


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11/6/10 10:18 AM by NorthFromHere

For Anomonis:  

Anomonis site profile image  

11/6/10 9:46 AM by Anomonis

Really good interview. I like what Baroni is saying here about being in top shape at 185. a blue namer could post this I'd appreciate it, I always like to put this gif in any discussion of Baroni, it's just so awesome. Dude is a wrecking machine. War NYBA! I'm picking you in this fight Phil!

michaelkaras site profile image  

11/6/10 9:04 AM by michaelkaras

awesome interview phil, you sound super focused and ready for this upcoming fight!

StoutGapedTheQueen site profile image  

11/6/10 6:57 AM by StoutGapedTheQueen