'Male Nurse' Tate: Kos is a total idiot, lost, joker, dick

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During the filming of this season's The Ultimate Fighter, Josh Koscheck famously delivered an impromptu neck massage to Team GSP staff medic (or "male nurse") Brad Tate, after Tate razzed Koscheck for his performance in the fake knee incident with Paul Daley at UFC 113.


On unairedTUF/" target="_blank"> footage, Koscheck noted that Tate insulting his fighters. Koscheck talked to his team and actually tries to keep his fighters out of it, and actually apologized to Tate.

MMANewsLeak caught up with Tate to hear his side of the altercation.

Tom Palmer: Did more precipitate what happened between you and Josh or did the producers accurately portray exactly what went on?

Brad Tate:
No, no the producers didn’t set out to make drama, that wasn’t what they were doing. They weren’t like “hey, you guys go talk a lot of crap to each other” that’s not what happened. I think honestly that Josh is just a total…people know how he is. Josh Koscheck just being himself is what generated most of the drama. Koscheck was just a goofball. If you add Josh Koscheck to any type of mix whether it be a church party or a funeral there’s going to be some drama he’s going to bring to it.

TP: Is what we see on the show an accurate portrayal of who Josh Koscheck really is?

BT: If you think of Josh Koscheck as…I don’t want to get too explicit but he is himself. There’s no acting there, Josh Koscheck portrayed himself as what the world perceives him to be. I don’t know how the guy is away from the show, I don’t know if he’s standing in front of a mirror fighting with himself. I don’t know if he’s really that hard to get along with or if he just waits for the camera to come then tries to turn the whole world against him. You put Josh Koscheck in a room full of mirrors and I guarantee you there will be a fight. There would be a lot of fake knees flying around in there.

TP: Brad it’s night, you’re at the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk and who do you see in the lane next to you? Josh Koscheck. Do you guys mean mug or just ignore each other?

BT: (Laughs) Depends. I would probably try to ignore him but if there’s a camera on, I imagine he’ll try and act the fool. I would like to tell people that I’d take the high road but…I just don’t like the guy. Listen, he’s a good athlete, he’s worked hard to get where he’s at but I just can’t stand the guy. I honestly can’t wait for Georges to pummel him. I hope Georges knocks him out and has me attending to his medical needs. I might hold back a little on his pain medication.

TP: Touching on an earlier question, what’s Josh like when the cameras aren’t on?

BT: I think him knowing he was on camera made it worse. I mean I don’t know, the dude is just lost. He’s an idiot. A joker.

TP: Brad, is there anyone you want to give a shout out to from the show?

BT: Obviously Georges for giving me the opportunity to be on the show. Greg Jackson and all the fighters. I even want to thank Koscheck for being a d–k, he let me bring up the fake knees.

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vlad3theimpaler site profile image  

11/8/10 6:23 PM by vlad3theimpaler

Koscheck? Is that you? If not, you certainly copied his obsession with the phrase "male nurse' pretty well.

stlnl2 site profile image  

11/8/10 2:18 PM by stlnl2

I have heard something different from folks who have trained with and around him. But who knows, maybe he was having a bad day.

LEET060 site profile image  

11/8/10 2:13 PM by LEET060

several mma journalists have said koscheck on camera and koscheck off camera are completely two different personalities. they also said that koscheck is a decent guy off camera

octowussy site profile image  

11/8/10 11:29 AM by octowussy

Sevak made fun of GSP's accent during the coache's challenge. I guess he can dish it out, but he can't take it. Or Kos can't take it.

Bick Koxer site profile image  

11/8/10 11:22 AM by Bick Koxer

u sound mad. it's just a reality show, no need to get so upset.

maxmain site profile image  

11/7/10 3:49 PM by maxmain

Jake Hattan UMAHF Instructor of the Year MMA Champion Martial Arts Hall of Fame

maxmain site profile image  

11/7/10 3:44 PM by maxmain

I'm nobody you'd know...just a big fan of 11-1 fighters who were around before it was all cool ~wink~.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

11/7/10 3:41 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Koscheck Started it Fuckwad, because his junior high bully tactics werent working on GSP, so he targeted someone else.You dont think Tate should respond back to Koscheck's constant ridicule and bullying?As soon as he did, Koscheck got all but hurt. He is the professional fighter and the rep of the UFC as a coach. Koscheck is the one that shouldnt be behaving like he has been the entire season.Classic case of "can dish it out, but cant take it"

JakeHattan site profile image  

11/7/10 2:47 PM by JakeHattan

Hey maxmain who are you?I can't wait for this fight, it should be a great match up!

tranenhb site profile image  

11/7/10 2:28 PM by tranenhb

Koshcheck is a dick. I was on the fence before but the jock meat head male nurse shit decided it. I know a bjj blackbelt that is a RN, a big time thai boxing coach that's a lpn....I hope for his sake this dude is close to dying and has to beg male medical personnel to save his life or even worse the life of one of his kids if that tard ever has any.