Rumor: Bellator finances 'hitting the fan'


Things with Bellator are starting to 'hit the fan'. As of this morning, Bellator does not have a television deal to air their season four tournament scheduled for the beginning of 2011. Negotiations with G4 supposedly fell through around the time DirecTV decided to drop the channel from their lineup.

Each Bellator show costs the organization around $400,000. A fee of $65,000 is paid to NBC to broadcast regionally in hopes that NBC will pick up the program for a national time slot. They make roughly around $20,000 from sponsors per show which still leaves them in a substantial hole that gets deeper with every week of Bellator broadcasts.

The hedge fund investing in Bellator understood they would take a loss when the organization was created, but with season three wrapping up, they are not happy with the financial results thus far.

Bjorn Rebney has given away a substantial portion of his share in Bellator away to investors solely for them not to 'pull the plug' on Bellator.

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MMA Playwright site profile image  

11/23/14 8:18 PM by MMA Playwright

And here we are, very close to 2015.

MMA TV site profile image  

11/15/10 10:47 AM by MMA TV

RIP Bellator

Hus site profile image  

11/15/10 10:44 AM by Hus


Hus site profile image  

11/14/10 3:22 PM by Hus

 From this week's rumor mill... Heard this from a very reliable source, however I had some apprehension placing this on the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. Of course, 'had' is the keyword here. Last night, I heard the same thing from another party which gives more credibility to this rumor. M-1 Global is talking to the UFC. Apparently they have been for the better part of November and the tail end of October. Fedor has been a topic of discussion, however M-1 Global has been attempting to get some of their lesser named M-1 fighters, specifically 'M-1 Challengers' winners, a shot at the UFC. The more bizarre aspect of the rumor mentioned above is that Dana White is allegedly using these talks with M-1 Global in order to further delay Fedor Emelianenko from fighting for Strikeforce or DREAM Its common knowledge that Fedor has 1 fight left on his contract.  What more is there to discuss?  I many times have we heard this same rumor before....probably Vadim fucking with Strikeforce for more contract negotiations.  Read the rest --   

Augie Max site profile image  

11/8/10 11:18 AM by Augie Max

From "Earlier this week in an interview with a Canadian news source, Cain Velasquez implied that Josh Koscheck will lose to GSP. A few MMA sites ran with the story and Koscheck confronted Velasquez about the statements. Cain sincerely didn't know what happened, apologized and all potential beef between the two was squashed at AKA last week." Here's what he said: "He's one of the best out there. His style of fighting is strong and I think he is going to be the (welterweight) champion for a long time, but guys are always coming after him." 

Quick5pnt0 site profile image  

11/8/10 8:43 AM by Quick5pnt0

Well at least now Bjorn's recent desperate attempts at getting Coker to co-promote makes sense.

DBerry site profile image  

11/8/10 7:20 AM by DBerry

Can't get into the link in work.Whats the Cain / Koscheck one about ?

randysan site profile image  

11/8/10 3:37 AM by randysan

Strikeforce will be right behind them

Poindexter site profile image  

11/7/10 10:00 PM by Poindexter

Haven't checked the article yet— are there any legit sources for any of those "rumors"?

slamming site profile image  

11/7/10 9:35 PM by slamming

 True.  MMA = UFC.