Belfort: Wanderlei is a spectator, attention seeker, not serious

by Eduardo Cruz | source:

Wanderlei Silva:

"I believe Anderson would destroy Belfort. I think it’s a very interesting fight. Belfort has good boxing skills and is a good athlete, but everybody knows that he has a weak psychological aspect and I think he will shake when he gets in the Octagon with (Silva). Let’s see if (Belfort) will put his new karate ... I mean old karate, new for him, in practice against Anderson."

“Of course we will fight,” Wanderlei said of a rematch with with Belfort, who destroyed him in 44 seconds at 1998's UFC: Ultimate Brazil. “I want this fight too much. I believe the first one didn’t happen as I wanted. I was surprised, and it will not happen again now because I’m much more experienced. I’m not saying it will be now or later, but when it happens, I’ll prepare myself a lot to be in my best shape because he is a tough opponent, and I want to give the show everybody expects from me.”

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Vitor Belfort:

“I didn’t waste my time watching it,” Belfort told Brazilian site when asked about Wand’s statements. “It’s just a spectator’s opinion. Spectators can say whatever they want. He just wanted to get some attention for himself. I don’t take it seriously.”

Belfort promises to face off Anderson exactly where the champion is considered the best in MMA: trading on the feet. To accomplish the mission that many have failed, the contender has sharpened his Muay Thai and believes his refined boxing will allow him to conquer one more UFC belt.
“I will use my best characteristic - that is trading hits, boxing. It’s going to be a great test to strike with him. This is my job, right? I’m training Muay Thai a lot with a world champion and my karate coach is coming next month. I’ll be ready when I get there, you can be sure.”

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11/11/10 11:33 AM by Bick Koxer

 Seriously.  The headline/thread title makes it sound like Vitor is dissing Wand, but all he is saying is that Wand is not the one he is fighting (so by definition a spectator) so he's not going to take the comments seriously. 

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LOL...I'll, um...let you're post stand for itself. Have a nice day!  

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where do you trane?

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"you'd" think that since you have been here since 01 would know the difference between a wrester and a MMA me the OG'ism. Face it, you have egg on your face. your- your caryou're- you're a retardlmao

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<quote>ShahAghajani - above me is a prime example of why women were not allowed to vote for hundreds of years, because of dummies like this girl perpetuating bad stereotypes.</quote>LMAO. Just tell her to go make us some sandwiches while the men talk

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You'd think someone with a time stamp of 01 would know an OGism when he sees it. Must be a NOOb using a veteran's account.