Mir vs. Lesnar III?: 'Honestly right now, probably no'

source: mmasucka.com

Mir on a rubber match with Lesnar

"Honestly right now, probably no. Just because the Carwin fight, didn't look all that spectacular. I think a lot of people might have thought that he lost that fight. And then the Velasquez fight obviously, Velasquez made Brock basically shout 'Stop, Enough, Enough' before he tapped due to strikes and that looked really bad."

"Right now I’m coming a win off of Mirko, I would maybe like to see me get another win and Brock redeem himself, so that way it's more relevant to the division. Not just having the third fight for the sake of having the third fight. But having it to where it actually has some substance so that whoever wins will position themselves for a title shot."

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Quotes above are from a transcription by bloodyelbow of the full interview. An edited version of the interview appears above.

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Rickmeister site profile image  

11/12/10 5:31 PM by Rickmeister

Just shows how little the ufc cares about him willing to use him as cannon fodder to get Brock back on track. It is a business though and when it comes to numbers Brock might have pulled more views in a few fights than Mir in a lot more. Furthermore I still don't think Mir has the tenacity to punish Brock on the feet and his pedigree in wrestling isn't cains or shanes either resulting in a messed up face again looking like a bloody joker version.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

11/12/10 5:13 PM by duckhuntgangsta

I respect Mir for his position on the rubber match. Right now it is a novelty fight. I hope Mir stands his ground.

socal site profile image  

11/12/10 4:18 PM by socal

dont want Mir vs Brock III

Knarkilla site profile image  

11/12/10 3:56 PM by Knarkilla

Not now. Save for later..

EvilMaster site profile image  

11/12/10 3:39 PM by EvilMaster

There is no need for this fight.

short round site profile image  

11/12/10 3:38 PM by short round

Mir would get taken down and beaten unconscious and he knows it. Pretty sure he doesn't want to face any wrestler in the near future. His "wrestling" during the Crocop fight was laughable, he did not even come close to taking Crocop down."Please don't make me face any more wrestlers, I want fighters who are past their prime or can't wrestle" - thats what I hear from Mir.

Mmanizzle site profile image  

11/10/10 3:52 PM by Mmanizzle

that's good  

Mmanizzle site profile image  

11/10/10 3:44 PM by Mmanizzle

I'd like to see Big Country fight either of these guys, however, I wouldn't say there's zero interest in B vs M III, these guys hate each other and it'll be nice to see a rubber match...  Smack talking will be funny at least...  

32Hunter site profile image  

11/10/10 1:38 PM by 32Hunter

 like I'm gonna trust you UG news I think from now on I read the links.

Ickey Shufflin site profile image  

11/10/10 1:26 PM by Ickey Shufflin

Lesnar is at a crossroads. Personally, I think the guy goes back to the drawing board. I think he opens his camp up to other fighters or even joins another camp and he starts learning to be a more complete mixed martial artist- particularly in his stand-up game. A agree with Mir- to fight Lesnar now isn't a good idea. I think Lesnar will be given a tomato to fight next, and maybe then he gets Mir. But I really think Lesnar uses his latest loss to motivate himself into an all around fighter. What I like about all of this though is how wide open things seem to be in the heavyweight division.