Bellator's Rebney blasts reports of impending demise

by John Morgan | source:

To say that Bjorn Rebney disagrees with a recent report describing the alleged impending demise of his fight promotion would be a slight understatement.

In fact, the Bellator Fighting Championships founder and CEO said the report is lacking one vastly important factor: the truth.

"Usually, when you see rumors that are completely ridiculous, they're coupled with something that's true," Rebney told ( "In this instance, it's false on top of false on top of completely ridiculous on top of completely unfounded."

A weekend report on outlined a series of rumored issues Rebney and Bellator were said to be facing. Among the concerns were the lack of a television deal, angered investors looking to "pull the plug" on the promotion, and a desperate need to arrange a long-discussed bout between Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and his Strikeforce counterpart Gilbert Melendez as a last-ditch effort to save the company.

Wrong on all accounts, said Rebney.

"Either it's someone just starting rumors for the sake of starting rumors, or it's just the most ridiculous type of amateurish nonsense," Rebney said of the report. "I don't even like to call it journalism because it has no connection to reality.

"That blog, whoever that is that wrote that, is just so filled with nonsense. It's completely, unequivocally untrue on every front they wrote. It's literally as if someone stepped out and just said, 'I'm going to create whichever fantasy I choose to create, and I'm going to write it.' There wasn't even the slightest hint of accuracy or truth in anything that showed up on that blog.

"It's the downside and the negativity of the Internet. Any idiot can write any ridiculous, completely unfounded nonsense thing, and it can gain traction."

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Recent Comments »

ausgepicht site profile image  

11/11/10 12:39 PM by ausgepicht

Lies are a great way to promote your website if you have no journalistic integrity.

UfcSpyGUY site profile image  

11/11/10 12:30 PM by UfcSpyGUY

 translation ...we are screwed and folding sooner then show tbd.!

Boldar site profile image  

11/11/10 12:23 PM by Boldar

A typical, business 101 response from Rebney.  Status quo in a business like his is to deny deny deny until forced to admit the truth.  The fact that he took the time to respond to this "nonsense" speaks to some truth in and concern about what was stated in the article.  No matter what the real truth is he's not helping himself dealing with it like he did there nor the whole texting a business deal piece.

PatrickFreitas site profile image  

11/11/10 12:14 PM by PatrickFreitas

had to lol at Bjorn using the phrase "amateurish nonsense." kind of ironic when you think about how unprofessional & amateur he made himself look during the "Coker's not returning my texts" drama.but he is correct that anyone with a website can create news without responsibility. mma has really fallen victim to this new age "journalism."

damane08 site profile image  

11/11/10 11:50 AM by damane08

All I can say is; why didn't he specifically address any of the issues mentioned?I hope it's false because I enjoy Bellator, wouldn't want to see them go under.

Jayjayememay site profile image  

11/11/10 11:42 AM by Jayjayememay

Bjorn seems to be showing his colors more and more

herculestex1 site profile image  

11/10/10 6:04 PM by herculestex1

i bet next week they fold,,,,after all of that

Peckerwood site profile image  

11/10/10 5:03 PM by Peckerwood

It's the same thing that happened to Josh Tompson yesterday. Some shitty mma site totally burned him and wrote a b.s. story. Very pathetic IMO.

ec site profile image  

11/10/10 5:02 PM by ec

Much happier to see this from Bjorn than a confirmation, anyway. Season 4 should hopefully be a return to form for Bellator.