Wanderlei Silva to Vitor Belfort: I'm gonna get you

by Jesse Holland | source: mmamania.com

"You know, I was missing something. But then I found out I needed a rival. I never trained as hard as the time I fought (Ricardo) Arona. But now, I want (Vitor) Belfort, and I'm already trained for you. I'm gonna get you, you'll see!"

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Greenup site profile image  

11/11/10 7:54 PM by Greenup

I don't think you should judge the outcome if they did fight from there first fight but there styles. We all saw vitors style and it worked perfectly against wand but wand knowing that would change his plan for the second fight. I say vitor wins fast or gasses and wand takes his head off. Great fight let's see it.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

11/11/10 7:46 PM by PrettyBoy

Wand is trying to stay relevant and talk himself into some big fights. Too bad for him Sonnen and Vitor would own him. Vitor in more brutal fashion tho.

Samoanpowr site profile image  

11/11/10 7:45 PM by Samoanpowr

Uh, fight 1:  He gets caught in Overeem's guillotine at the end of Round 1 I think.  That is mentally crumbling?  Fight 2:  He gasses and keeps pulling guard and loses a decision.  Again, where is the crumbling?  Sakuraba he folded camp; I agree on that one.  Henderson, he was gassed and was just trying to survive to the end of the fight. You could say he crumbled against Tito too then because he went out hard, couldn't get the win and then just survived to the end of the fight. I'm not trying to turn this into an argument, I agree about Vitor having mental issues but I didn't see anything of a mental nature causing the majority of his losses.  Sakuraba?  Yes.  Overeem?  He got caught in the first fight and gassed in the 2nd and 3rd. He's always had issues about not being able to come from behind in a fight; I see that.  

Enemies site profile image  

11/11/10 7:43 PM by Enemies



11/11/10 7:41 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 I will always root for Wand regardless. But I will be afraid of a a Vitor flurry only cos Wand has no concept of defense. At all. Probably doesn't know what it means. But if he shrugs of Vitor's first flurry, Wand by axe.

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

11/11/10 7:16 PM by RickMartelsArrogance

I take it you've never seen either of his fights vs Overeem or vs Sakuraba or vs Hendo?  

Jweinberg site profile image  

11/11/10 7:11 PM by Jweinberg

Vitor would destroy wanderlie again- and he will be the new mw champ- I will bet my jew name on it

Samoanpowr site profile image  

11/11/10 7:01 PM by Samoanpowr

Which 10 fights did he mentally crumble in?  He's gassed and just tried to survive plenty of times, but which ones did you see mental collapse in?  I'm not saying they aren't out there, I'm just asking which ones they were.  

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

11/11/10 6:58 PM by RickMartelsArrogance

 Vitor would mentally crumble in the fight just like he has about 10 times before.

epwar site profile image  

11/11/10 6:51 PM by epwar

This!Last 7 fights:Wanderlei 2-5Vitor 6-1


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