Rampage: 'Machida's so boring I go to sleep'

by Mike Chiappetta | source: mmafighting.com

"I've watched tapes of him fight. I can't stay up. He's so boring I go to sleep, man," Jackson said to a laugh. "It's hard. No disrespect, but he has an awkward style. He does karate. He knows MMA, but he stands like eight feet way. He holds the record for being punched the least because he stands so far away you can't hit him."

The self-effacing Ferguson, who admitted losing his fair share of fights, seemed to think that was a fair strategy.

Ferguson also asked Jackson about his nickname, with the former light-heavyweight champion explaining that he got the moniker as a youth due to his temper. Ferguson then asked him if he ever lost his temper in the cage.

"I mostly get angry in sparring, at my sparring partners," he said. "In one fight I lost my temper really bad, but most fights I don't get angry."

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Ryan Wood site profile image  

11/13/10 2:39 PM by Ryan Wood

No way brah

thatoneguy00 site profile image  

11/13/10 2:35 PM by thatoneguy00

do your homework before hating on rampage right now, all od his fights in the UFC had something to watch about them. He won his debut against marvin eastman, then he took KO of the night and the light heavy title from chuck liddell in the first round, he then beat dan henderson to unify the title, then lost to forrest griffin in a fight that not only got fight of the night but also fight of the year, then he knocked out wanderlei and got knockout of the night, then went on to get a fight of the night win over jardine and finally a loss to rashad for #1 contender. Id say he has been pretty relevant in the UFC

ElChupacabra1982 site profile image  

11/13/10 1:18 PM by ElChupacabra1982

If Rampage comes out fighting the way he did against Rashad, I think he is going to get knocked out.When Rampage is on, he is an absolute beast. He looked like he was fighting in slow motion against Evans.

anunaki site profile image  

11/13/10 1:09 PM by anunaki

well.....he does drinks da piss..im just sayin..

GUNGFU BRUCE site profile image  

11/13/10 10:10 AM by GUNGFU BRUCE

First grade shit dude!

risk204 site profile image  

11/13/10 5:15 AM by risk204

lol yeah. quinton is gonna get picked apart like a girl with anorexia eating a hamburger

tempus site profile image  

11/13/10 4:33 AM by tempus

wtf no way, this fight is bad for quinton

piratepirate site profile image  

11/13/10 3:17 AM by piratepirate

 *insert bad breath joke* fight *insert excuse for loss* change camps *insert excuses

nni site profile image  

11/13/10 3:17 AM by nni

He'll go to sleep alright.

ZugZug site profile image  

11/13/10 3:07 AM by ZugZug

Why? Because they went to decision? Are you retarded? You'd have to have been dead not to have been out of your fucking seat during Rampage vs Forrest. How many other 25 minute fights have been that good... None.