UFC 122: 8,421 attendance, estimated $600,000 gate

by Steven Marrocco and Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie.com

Saturday's UFC 122 event drew 8,421 spectators for an estimated live gate of approximately $600,000.  The event took place at Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany, and aired via same-day delay on Spike TV in the U.S.

The figures fell short compared to the first and only other UFC event in Germany: UFC 99 in Cologne. The June 2009 show took place at Lanxess Arena with 12,854 attendees and a live gate of approximately $1.3 million.

"It will be my advice as the partner of the UFC that our strategy is twofold," UFC Germany promoter Marek Lieberberg told MMAjunkie.com earlier this week. "Number one, we fight the legal issues out in a court of law ... The second part is to continue staging events because the best advertising for the UFC is a fantastic live event."

It remains to be see if UFC 122 fulfilled the needs of the second strategy.

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bsrizpac site profile image  

11/14/10 6:43 PM by bsrizpac

the only thing predictable is your faggot love of the UFC and your grammar. Tool.

bsrizpac site profile image  

11/14/10 6:43 PM by bsrizpac

yup. WWE for mma

DonKingsMerkin site profile image  

11/14/10 6:12 PM by DonKingsMerkin

lol@the UFC in general if ya ask me ^^

bsrizpac site profile image  

11/14/10 6:07 PM by bsrizpac

lol@the lie of global UFC interest.

slamming site profile image  

11/14/10 6:04 PM by slamming

 Less cards in places like Germany, more cards in places where there is actual demand.  See Australia, Ireland.

whiteghost site profile image  

11/14/10 5:52 PM by whiteghost

more than 1/3 of the available seats went unsold.  Sthiiy card, shitty attendence.

piratepirate site profile image  

11/14/10 5:49 PM by piratepirate

 They dropped the ball. Should have had more german fights, or more people well known in germany. They should also work on that whole, banned on TV thing.

john joe site profile image  

11/14/10 5:45 PM by john joe

if they hadnt had a UK event for a year and then put that UFC 122 card on, the Brits would have packed it out still; they'll get up at 3 in the morning to watch two drunks fight in a carpark.I was baffled by the low attendance in Germany, but UFC programming has been removed from the airwaves, there was very little advertising, the event was aired on Spox.com in Germany for free; Oberhausen is right on the western border of Germany; there were a number of main events originally lined up for the card that didnt happen (one of them would have been huge)... a few different factors in play, but still a surprise to me. I thought the UFC name alone would have sold it out

Tkelly647 site profile image  

11/14/10 5:41 PM by Tkelly647

Ireland was meant to have been one of Dana's favourite crowds though and by the looks of things we're not even getting a full numbered event. So I'm not sure if the size of the crowd or anything like that effects the standard of fights, i think its the money in the area/ the proximity to the USA  

Tkelly647 site profile image  

11/14/10 5:37 PM by Tkelly647

 No, UFC 120, one of the worst cards ever, one of the highest attendances ever