Lauzon 'happy' with Sotiropoulos matchup

by Dan Duggan | source:

Considering his past life as a computer geek, it’s no surprise that Joe Lauzon relies on technology to prepare for fights.

The Wentworth Institute graduate, whose previous career was as a network administrator, has spent extensive time breaking down George Sotiropoulos leading up to their fight at UFC 123 in Auburn Hills, Mich., Saturday.

“I’m much happier about the matchup than I was when they first offered it,” Lauzon said. “We had a lot of time to go break down tape and really go at it systematically. I’m pretty happy with how the camp went.

Lauzon was able to pick up on Sotiropoulos’ tendencies through the film work, though he understandably didn’t want to share his discoveries before the fight.

“There’s a lot of things that George does very well, but I think it’s a little bit predictable,” Lauzon said. “Knowing what he’s going to do is a big advantage. I think we have a pretty good profile of what he’s going to go for and different things he likes. We put a lot of time into breaking down tape.”

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MCchoke site profile image  

11/15/10 12:53 PM by MCchoke

damn love both these guyscant waitbtw joe will win via tko

MMA TV site profile image  

11/15/10 10:48 AM by MMA TV

This is a horrible fight for Joe, there is literally no way he can win this.I wish him luck on his next fight though, I'm a big creepy Joe fan.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

11/15/10 10:01 AM by Cyril Jeff

 Creepy Joe will roll through George and shake up the division...

disbeliever site profile image  

11/15/10 8:46 AM by disbeliever

ttt for leg coverings

ShanTheMan site profile image  

11/15/10 6:48 AM by ShanTheMan

I was just kidding.....and I don't feel like getting kicked.

Emphatik site profile image  

11/15/10 6:42 AM by Emphatik

no Joe is wrong on this, and if he really thinks its such a big advantage, he is well within his rights to wear the same stuff.

dorf site profile image  

11/15/10 4:09 AM by dorf

How many of Georges last 5 fights were finished due to his wraps? Seriously question, am not sure myself. I think Joe mentioned this in an interview after the bout was set, but imo it was just gamesmanship. Joe won't be sidetracked, even by magic pants.

Body Shots site profile image  

11/15/10 3:58 AM by Body Shots

I'm 100% sure Joe wins this fight!

edubbs site profile image  

11/15/10 3:12 AM by edubbs

Hopefully Joe speaks up and the MSAC will do something about the ankle/knee pads, Joe is right about that one.

cytribe site profile image  

11/15/10 3:08 AM by cytribe

Go to a local Muay Thai gym wearing a knee brace and get the instructor to round kick your thigh, get back to us on how it feels.