Sotiropoulos and his rubber guard

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After The Ultimate Fighter, Sotiropoulos used his found connections to travel the states and train at some of the best U.S. schools. He spent time at Serra Jiu Jitsu, Xtreme Couture and finally 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, a style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu founded by Eddie Bravo, an ADCC World Champion and the first American to make a Gracie tap out in a jiu jitsu match.

Bravo’s style is purely no gi and focuses heavily on using flexibility and unorthodox positions to off-balance even the most experienced grapplers. The corner stones of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is the "rubber guard" and "twister side control."

The rubber guard is something that is often misunderstood by fans and used very well by Sotiropoulos. Controlling posture is the most important aspect of playing guard in grappling or MMA: it gives better control, opens up more sweeps and submissions and stops punches to the face. In traditional jiu jitsu the grips on the gi make posture control much easier; in no gi, controlling posture in the guard is far more difficult.

With the rubber guard, the bottom player uses an hook on his own leg to break down his opponent’s posture. Now this is often confused with a regular high guard where the fighter grabs his own shin. There are key differences, the biggest is that in the rubber guard, the guard player goes under his own leg and hooks it with his ankle.

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Touched By A Jab site profile image  

11/17/10 5:27 AM by Touched By A Jab

this article failed to teach me the intricacies of details of maneuvers that i don't even know the names of.

CareyDJJ site profile image  

11/16/10 7:42 PM by CareyDJJ

That article is amusing

ArthurKnoqOut site profile image  

11/16/10 11:52 AM by ArthurKnoqOut

LMAO pwn'd!

TotalFightSource site profile image  

11/16/10 10:08 AM by TotalFightSource

that strebbie?

T-Ham site profile image  

11/16/10 9:54 AM by T-Ham

 LMAO @ your continued support of Ari. I lost all my respect for Eddie with his decision to back Ari "Bolden". Ari's a clown and a con man. Eddie said Ari gives him a hard time when they grapple. Thats utter bullshit and he knows it. Eddie you're making plenty of money, no need to diminish your brand further by taking in another fraud.

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11/16/10 9:39 AM by stdigg


stdigg site profile image  

11/16/10 9:37 AM by stdigg

Why don't fighters mix striking (particularly elbows) in with the rubber guard more often?It seems like most are content to stall or go for sweeps, rather than pull a Jason Day and do some damage.

ken amtrack site profile image  

11/16/10 7:44 AM by ken amtrack

What is the "Rubber Guard" Check Your Oil defense..Nothing...Not that there is anything wrong with want the shirt deal with it

BenBJJ site profile image  

11/16/10 7:34 AM by BenBJJ

Rubber guard has had plenty of time to take the (grappling) world by storm. It didn't.