Ratner reveals why UFC decided on return to Germany

by Ben Fowlkes | source: mmafighting.com

"To grow the sport, you have to keep educating," Ratner said. "We want to do business in Germany. We want to show the people and the newspaper people...that's the only way to do it. If you just walk away and say, 'Gee, they won't let us be on TV,' it doesn't make sense. So we're just going to keep pushing. It was the right decision and I'm glad we did it."

Holding fights in places like Germany and the U.K., where there's no oversight from local commissions like there is in the U.S., puts Ratner in a familiar position. The former head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission said he has no problem with ensuring that the UFC regulates itself overseas, acting as a "quasi-commission," though he'd prefer to have external regulation.

"I'd rather have the sport regulated wherever we go, but to grow the sport we've got to do these things and self-regulate and I think we're making inroads that way. Eventually I would hope that the British Boxing Board would get involved more, as well as the German Boxing Federation, and adopt the sport of mixed martial arts."

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jacktripper site profile image  

11/16/10 6:39 PM by jacktripper

i think the swastika does have a little something to do with nazis...Fun Fact: i have some kind of asian soup mix at my house with two swastikas on the packaging

Oldboy site profile image  

11/16/10 6:11 PM by Oldboy

Eagles or Swastikas have zero to do with the Nazi's. It's just shit those dumb fucks ripped off and tried to call there own. The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been present in Native American and Hindu/Buddhist cultures.

THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

11/16/10 4:33 PM by THE Kevin Chandler

Common misconception. The Hindus/Busshists/Jains don't actually use a swastika. Their symbol is more similar to a cruciform (equal sided cross) with the little arms coming off it. The Nazi's took the symbol, thought it looked cool, turned it on a corner, and called it "theirs". In fact, the religious symbol has been used for centuries (i.e. long before the Nazi's...actually before Germany/Germania even existed)A) Swastikas are NOT the same as the Buddhist/Hindu/Jain symbol.B) The Nazi's were unoriginal bastards when it came to their PR...well, unoriginal but brilliant, they just took popular symbols that already existed, mildly tweaked them, and called them Nazi.C) Little known fact (or rather well-known that people try to ignore), the German's had more assanination attempts on Hitler than every other country combined. The Germans did NOT like Hitler, but were bent under his will (and brilliant marketing) Germany =/= Hitler/Nazis. Not relevant to the conversation, but I always like putting it out there.

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11/16/10 3:53 PM by Evilzpet


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11/16/10 2:23 PM by fightsfan

Ze Eagles is de ze Luftwaffell

ausgepicht site profile image  

11/16/10 2:00 PM by ausgepicht

  See anything here that reminds you of fags?

Mighty Quinn site profile image  

11/16/10 1:23 PM by Mighty Quinn

1. america is the world2.germany is for fags!!

ausgepicht site profile image  

11/16/10 12:56 PM by ausgepicht

Stupid fucking thread is stupid. America is not the world, and no a fucking symbol isn't illegal. The federal eagle has been around since at least the 13th century. Hitler is a fuckstick that adopted it, but he also adopted the Swastika which is an Indus valley symbol. The Reg uses it everywhere, as do MANY governments from other nations besides America. It's a symbol of Germany as a nation and isn't supposed to represent some conspiracy of Hitler worshiping MMA coaches and fighters. That's asinine. On top of that the conspiracy would have to carry over to TapOut who designed the shirt, so now we are to believe they are secret Nazis? Last time I checked, TapOut wasn't one of the organizations on the Strafgesetzbuch list of unconstitutional organizations. Lastly, it is explicit in stating that the context is important. So you can even use the Swastika in Germany as long as it's in an Hindu or peaceful context.

Rcs476 site profile image  

11/16/10 12:02 PM by Rcs476

They should probably ban anyone with blond hair and blue eyes from participating in any mma events too... just sayin'. The Hoelzer Reich shit was pretty blatant and deserved the negative attention, this is just a stupid waste bandwidth.

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

11/16/10 11:41 AM by Naughty Gorilla

It comes across as Nazi-ish and I would never wear it (or any other tapout item, really)