Frank Shamrock joins charge against bullying

by John Morgan | source:

A former UFC, WEC and Strikeforce champion – not to mention a former interim King of Pancrase – MMA legend Frank Shamrock admits he hasn't had to worry too much about being bullied throughout his life.

That said, it's becoming very clear to him that he's in the minority.

"I didn't know there was this bullying going on because nobody has ever really bullied me," Shamrock told "It turns out everybody is getting bullied."

Shamrock officially announced his retirement from fighting earlier this year, but the 15-year veteran of the sport remains on with Strikeforce as a commentator and spokesperson for the promotion.

With his days of competition behind him, Shamrock said he believes it's now his responsibility to give back to the sport and community that have given so much to him.

"Martial arts saved my life and made me who I am," Shamrock said. "For me not to do spread that message would be wrong. That's my job.

"I'm doing charity and trying to help the community and trying to help our kids. I'm worried about our kids now."

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stlnl2 site profile image  

11/18/10 9:01 AM by stlnl2

No, I know alot about it. Unlike you, I have spent the past 15 years in gyms where D-bags like you come and go every week. Your "story" sounds like pretty much every one of their stories, and the frown gets more and more upside down the more they tell it. Keep posting on the net, its what you are meant for.....not fighting.

CRE site profile image  

11/18/10 2:25 AM by CRE

See now this is the definition of delusional, often you see the word tossed around, but this guy saying he would bet his house on something he knows nothing about :]

stlnl2 site profile image  

11/17/10 10:23 PM by stlnl2

So you are bragging about not getting knocked down by a kid you had 25+ lbs on? Reality must be hard for you to come by. The kid was going easy on you I would bet the house on it...............

Zedlepln site profile image  

11/17/10 12:55 PM by Zedlepln

Frank had bad ribs.

skinnywussy site profile image  

11/17/10 12:48 PM by skinnywussy

My son has been doing TKD/Muay Thai training and sparring since he was 5. He's 10 now. This gave him a lot of false confidence. Last year, he was running his mouth to a bigger kid (not bullying, just running his mouth), and the bigger kid bullrushed him, knocked him over, mounted him, and pummeled the shit out of him. Moral of the story? 1. Bigger kids will always be bigger. 2. Its always good to know how to wrestle. 3. If you're going to run your mouth, be prepared for the consequences.

Curtis Low site profile image  

11/17/10 12:38 PM by Curtis Low

I think bullying is important, because when I do it I FEEL LIKE A MAN RAWR lmao

2cash2quit site profile image  

11/17/10 10:08 AM by 2cash2quit

I was never bullied in high school. I never saw bullies. There were fist fights everyday and I was in a bunch, but not bullying. What is bullying anyways? Kicking nerds around? Learn how to fight then pussy.

Daredevil73 site profile image  

11/17/10 9:02 AM by Daredevil73

 Nobody should be bullied.  Except for faggots.

Italians Copy Greeks site profile image  

11/17/10 9:00 AM by Italians Copy Greeks

 Bullying in the 2000's is what hate crimes were in the 90's and Satanic Cults were in the 80's.....Bullshit