Sakara: Bisping has declind to fight Rivera

by David Herbert | source:

Dave Herbert: How are you feeling Alessio? Care to talk about what happened at UFC 122?

Alessio Sakara: I am still feeling ill and under the weather, Monday the 15th of Nov, while returning to Rome, I was admitted into the hospital. They diagnosed me with Gastroenteritis which is a viral sickness gotten from something that I ate or drank.

"Thursday night I came down with a fever and Dysentery which is a stomach flu. I woke up later that evening at 194 lbs. I was with Lorenzo Borgomeo, who I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, and we both decided despite how I felt it was important to move ahead with the weight cutting and continue to prepare for the event.

"On Friday, my body said no more. I was vomiting and in the bathroom with stomach problems...

"Saturday the medical from the UFC helped me by giving me medicine and hospital drip bags through IV. All of this was done to get me feeling better and in form.

"At the end, even though I was still feeling sick, I went to the event ready to fight. Thanks to Dana White, Joe Silva, and the UFC medical staff who saw me ill and decided it was in the best interest not to compete at the event. I was devastated, and still I am hurt by what transpired. I really feel bad emotionally for everything."

DH: It was confirmed through Jorge that he would be fighting Michael Bisping in Australia. It is now rumored that Bisping will not take the fight. What are your thought on this?

AS: I am not sure why Bisping has declined to fight Rivera. I know only that it was my fault that Rivera was not able to fight, he prepared and was ready to compete and deserves an opponent right away whether it be Bisping or someone else.

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GrappleYou site profile image  

11/18/10 1:29 PM by GrappleYou

Why does anyone even post in GSTQ bullshit troll threads?? When Rivera knocks the fuck out of Shitping, what the fuck will his excuse be then????

purist site profile image  

11/18/10 12:24 PM by purist

Which is why no one could answer me when I asked if there was a definite source for Bisping not wanting the fight? Gotcha.

Archer0545 site profile image  

11/18/10 12:19 PM by Archer0545

 The trolls do not address logical questions!

StoutGapedTheQueen site profile image  

11/18/10 12:18 PM by StoutGapedTheQueen


ausgepicht site profile image  

11/18/10 12:17 PM by ausgepicht

That is a very correct statement. How soon you forget Bisping was so scared of Hendo that he couldn't even listen to his corner tell him to circle AWAY from the hand. That's what terror does. Wand hasn't been scary since Pride days pre-nose operation. FRESH in Bisping's memory is what Rivera did to Nate's face. Bisping knows he has HALF the jaw (genetic) and a quarter of the heart that Nate has so he's trembling.    

purist site profile image  

11/18/10 12:09 PM by purist

Agreed, Riveira is far scarier than teddy bears like Wand or Hendo.

Poindexter site profile image  

11/18/10 11:45 AM by Poindexter

 Bisping's scared, plain and simple.