McCorkle trains with Couture to ready for Struve

source: The Underground

How I know I'm beating Struve...

From: Sean McCorkle
Posted: 25 minutes ago
Member Since: 5/29/05
Posts: 9719
Because I train with the best, bitches.  How do you like them apples?

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StretchPlum site profile image  

11/20/10 6:39 PM by StretchPlum

Onliest thing Dodson's raping is shoes as part of his spit shine.

Tim Wills site profile image  

11/19/10 8:13 PM by Tim Wills

Sean wins by however he choses!!!

Don_Dada site profile image  

11/19/10 3:39 PM by Don_Dada

He's not fighting tomorrow. He's at 124.

ROFL site profile image  

11/19/10 11:06 AM by ROFL

Right on McCorkle.You're like MMA's version of Antoine Dodson. Rapin' erybody out there.Good luck tomorrow man.

Sudo21 site profile image  

11/19/10 10:23 AM by Sudo21


the professor of mma site profile image  

11/19/10 10:06 AM by the professor of mma

Yo Big Sexy-Fellow Hoosier checking in. Dude, it is imperative that you show the world there is more than corn in Indiana. As you well know, and are a perfect example of the fact that, we also have big-ass cornfed motherfuckers that will fuck some shit up. Also, did you ever fight up in Northwest Indiana? More specifically, the Hammond Civic Center?Do damage, son.

NHBDaddy site profile image  

11/19/10 8:18 AM by NHBDaddy

how old is Erickson now? Can he make 265? Never too late imo

omgwtfeat1 site profile image  

11/19/10 1:00 AM by omgwtfeat1

U said Matt was a level c and pat a level d well out of all the letters in the alphabet there pretty high up there

Built Like  A Fedor site profile image  

11/19/10 12:50 AM by Built Like A Fedor

I'll give you singing lessons, Sean, if you're ever in the west L.A. area. It won't take you to #1, but you could be a karaoke superstar.

JSMHP site profile image  

11/19/10 12:42 AM by JSMHP

Sean has told me training with Big Cat is amazing his wrestling skill set is second to none. Sean talked about wanting to set up seminars for the guy because the tricks and tips Big Cat show really can make the difference in a fight. Big Cat is a hall of famer that no one wanted to fight. Pride and K1 would call him two weeks before a fight because no one would fight him with a full train up.Also Sean why no pictures of me? The UG wants to see all the no name leg humpers you train with on occasion.