Sotiropoulos says controversy overblown, critics late to party

by John Morgan and Dann Stupp | source:

To hear UFC lightweight contender George Sotiropoulos (13-2 MMA, 5-0 UFC) tell it, there's really no controversy at all.

Sure, Sotiropoulos admits his combination of compression shorts, knee pads and ankle pads likely give him a little extra grip, but the Australian insists the material makes his limbs more susceptible to submission attacks, as well.

Besides, the Australian reckons, the complainers are a little late to the party anyway.

"Nobody complained when I wore them against George Roop and Jason Dent," Sotiropoulos told ( "I beat (Joe) Stevenson, I beat (Kurt) Pellegrino, and all of a sudden it's an issue. Let's backtrack to Jason Dent and George Roop. Why didn't you say anything then?"

It's a valid point. Of course at the time, the former cast member of "The Ultimate Fighter 6" wasn't very high on most MMA fans' radar. But after a "Fight of the Night" win over Stevenson and a dominant decision over Pellegrino, Sotiropoulos is now established as a legitimate contender in the UFC's lightweight division.

But Sotiropoulos doesn't believe it should matter either way.

"Firstly, it's well within the rules what I'm doing," Sotiropoulos said. "Lots of fighters have done it: Randy Couture, B.J. Penn, Frank Mir, Tim Sylvia, just to mention a few. The list goes on. It's well within the rules."

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11/21/10 2:33 AM by evangelico

you do seem you like you are behaving especially badly lately ausgepicht


11/20/10 8:17 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 Maybe lauzon should wear it too if its such a huge advantage........ no one thought of that?

wreckker site profile image  

11/20/10 7:17 PM by wreckker

 Its a BIG advantage to someone who is good at rubberguard... But if he is allowed to wear it then its his right too

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11/20/10 6:07 PM by thebasher

BTW - grappling whether it be wrestling, gi, no gi etc is all gay. It's just a way of allowing us to explore our repressed homosexuality in a socially accepted way

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11/20/10 6:03 PM by thebasher

as discussed, it very clears gives him an advantage or he wouldn't be wearing them. I just wish he'd be honest about it. I don't know whether he'e breaking any rules but he's treading a very thin line

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11/20/10 5:38 PM by gumby1

I miss the days when fighters were fighters and weren't so concerned about what their opponent was wearing.It's legal. If you lose because of what your opponent is wearing, maybe you just need to get better?

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11/20/10 5:05 PM by super chin

god forbid they give grappling a chance in the ufc.

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11/20/10 2:44 PM by The Gwans

mmmmm....Sea of Dicks....

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How could you notice in a sea of people being dicks to each other?  

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Sorry I must have been biased my response based on what a dick you are to everyone on t