Kimbo boxing debut delayed until who knows when

by Dan Rafael | source:

Kimbo Slice's ballyhooed jump from mixed martial arts to professional boxing will be delayed until at least early next year, promoter Gary Shaw told on Wednesday night.

"Right now he's vacationing in Florida. He went home for Thanksgiving. His pro debut will be put off until at least the beginning of next year. He needs more work and more sparring."

"I had him in California sparring and in real training with (boxing trainer Clemente) Medina and (S&C coach Darryl) Hudson. He was given all the tools, but he continues to get offers from MMA and offers to be in movies and it's hard to keep him focused on training camp. That's the story more than anything else."

"I'm hoping he will turn pro. People of all ages recognize him, so when you're with him it's like you are with a huge star, but he's never been in a boxing ring for a real fight.

"It's like with Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao -- when they walk into a room, they own the room. When Kimbo walks into a room, Kimbo owns the room and it's all about Kimbo.

"When everyone recognizes you and you believe you are a huge star, and you get all of these offers, it's hard to go to a gym and work like you're a rookie. But he's coming back to California to train after the holidays. Hopefully, he means after the Thanksgiving holiday."

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Recent Comments »

Poindexter site profile image  

11/19/10 3:30 PM by Poindexter

 Shaw is a turd.

Marco808 site profile image  

11/19/10 3:25 PM by Marco808

I don't see him doing that well in boxing. I guess it depends on how they bring him along, but his age doesn't really allow him to slowly work his way up the ranks. They pretty much have to just throw him in there. And I don't know know how many rounds his fights will start out at, but 10 rounds of boxing is pretty brutal. Even those 4 or 6 rounders are tough. Most people don't have the ridiculous gastanks that Manny and other elite boxers have. But I wish him luck.

2cash2quit site profile image  

11/19/10 3:15 PM by 2cash2quit

kimbo should stay in MMA and do freak show fights. Batista, jap pro wrestlers, mustaf al turk etc

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

11/19/10 3:13 PM by Cyril Jeff

I did chuckle at the title...

HaoleBoy site profile image  

11/19/10 3:07 PM by HaoleBoy

how old is Kimbo?got to be getting close to 40

grkblood site profile image  

11/19/10 3:02 PM by grkblood

 anyone care about kimbo anymore?

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

11/19/10 2:39 PM by KevinMcAllister

i hope your trolling."slams" dont equal progression as a fighter. anybody strong enough can slam, theres little form involved. the ground he work he did consisted of laying in mitriones guard, desperately trying to pass until he gassed out, stood up, and got fucked up some more.kimbo chose to fight at heavyweight because he's too lazy to do a weight cut, hence him fighting bigger guys. thats no excuse, thats his fault.conditioning? it was terrible in the houston fight, and he obv did no work to remedy that against mitrione. the dude has no heart, and put no work in."he has tools but he doesnt like getting leg kicked" i dont even know what to say here. nobody "likes" getting leg kicked. it fucking hurts. but, kimbo had no idea how to check them, he was just eating them until he fell down. he visually quit the mitrione fight after about 3-4 kicks.and, on this last point, what tools do you think kimbo has ever had? extreme chin padding, with his mean beard? anybody who thinks this dude is talented, obviously thinks that all you need to fight are muscles and slow hands with little to no form involved.

TOAO site profile image  

11/19/10 2:12 PM by TOAO

i actually like kimbo sure he wasnt a grappler but you could see his progression when he fought mitrione because he was doing slams and some ground work he just got gassed and he needs better coditioning because both his ufc fight he was gassed after and during the houston fight and mitrione fight and we seen losing to mitrione isnt that bad because hes undefeated in the UFC and he was much bigger than Kimbo he just needs better conditioning and time to practice without all the money distractions thats around him, because he has some tools he just doesnt like getting leg kicked so he needs to fix that.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

11/19/10 11:47 AM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 You're one of the worst trolls here.  Go back to Sherdog.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

11/19/10 11:46 AM by Herring In A Fur Coat

Hopefully this means Kimbo boxing debut delayed until never