'Emotionless bastard' Joe Lauzon will not be surprised

by Maggie Hendricks | source: mmamania.com

    On Pressure in Sotiropolous fight:

"I'm an emotionless bastard sometimes so I usually don't let the pressure get to me too much. UFC 123 is a much bigger fight than UFC 118 but I won't let it get to me.

"For George, I don't want to make any mistakes. I have to go for things, but I can't do anything reckless because once he gets on top it's tough to get him away.

"I've known who Sotiropoulos is for a long time and I love watching him fight. I love watching his guard passing, his top position, he plays a lot of rubber guard, things like that. He doesn't make mistakes and he brings a lot of pressure.

"I've always paid close attention to him but I can see how other people may have overlooked him a little bit. I wouldn't be surprised if Stevenson or Pellegrino thought it was gonna be a little easier fight then got surprised by him -- but I won't make that mistake."

    On Call of Duty: Black Ops:

"It came last week, which was my taper week, so it didn't interfere, but I was a little worried. If it would have been one or two weeks earlier, it would have been bad."

    On Sotiropolous's controversial leg padding:

"I've asked the commission what my choices are .  In the past, all the commissions that I've dealt with have said he can wear something soft as long as the opponent agreed. People are saying I'm calling him a cheater. I'm not."

"I'm leaning towards telling him no knee pad, no ankle brace. I don't think he's wearing him because he has bad knees and bad ankles. I think he wears them because he does a lot of high rubber guard, and it helps with the slipping. If I could take away that advantage, I will."

    Walkout shirt:

As he's done in previous fights, Lauzon designed a special shirt for his cornermen, friends and family: "According to Australian Game and Wildlife, 100 people are killed every year by adult Joeys. You've been warned."

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Recent Comments »

EBM site profile image  

11/19/10 2:03 PM by EBM

What does his opponent have anything to do with the level of aggression? He showed the same amount of aggression with Stephens and Stout. Are you comparing those fighters to Gabe? Bad form, imo.

inf0 site profile image  

11/19/10 1:58 PM by inf0

You must have missed who it was against.  

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

11/19/10 1:56 PM by Sagiv Lapkin

Emotional bastard? ok.....at least he's not a fatherless bastard.       :)

EBM site profile image  

11/19/10 1:54 PM by EBM

You must have missed his last fight.

MetaDevil site profile image  

11/19/10 1:27 PM by MetaDevil

In my heart, Joe takes it.In my head, George wins by UD.

Body Shots site profile image  

11/19/10 12:53 PM by Body Shots

Lauzon will win!

inf0 site profile image  

11/19/10 11:21 AM by inf0

hope he's bringing a full gas tank  

Waterbottle site profile image  

11/19/10 11:19 AM by Waterbottle

Joe Lauzon might not be the best fighter at 155 but he does bring it every single fight. He comes out ready to try and take out his opponent and you gotta respect that killer instinct in a fighter.

jittaz site profile image  

11/19/10 11:16 AM by jittaz

tough fight for jlua i love em both but i think sot takes this

Jeepster site profile image  

11/19/10 10:22 AM by Jeepster

JLau still needs to let his game flow if he wants to win, he needs to stay aggressive. I hope he doesn't play things to conservatively