Controversy looms between Lauzon, Sotiropoulus

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

Lauzon effectively feels that Sotiropoulos is flouting a loophole in the rules prohibiting grappling pants; Sotiropoulos says he's doing nothing wrong and that many others have used the same equipment before him.

Lauzon's concern is that Sotiropoulos' fight gear provides extra grip to aid in submission tries.

"I've asked the commission what my choices are, if I can even stop him from wearing it or not," said Lauzon. "In the past, all the commissions I've dealt with, it's always been OK for them to wear something as long as the opponent agreed. If they agreed, it's all fair. People say I'm calling him a cheater? I'm not. It's a thing where he was given a choice, he decided to wear it and the opponent could have stopped him. If the opponent didn't want to stop him, that's fine. But if I choose to stop him, I will if I can."

"It's well within the rules what I'm doing," Sotiropoulos later said. "Lots of fighters have done it. Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Frank Mir, Tim Sylvia, just to name a few. It's well within the rules what I'm doing. It gives both fighters some kind of an advantage. It gives him grip and it gives me more grip. That's part of the reality of wearing any sort of fabric on your body. Does it give me any advantage over my opponent? No, it gives us equal advantage. It gives us both a level playing field and that's really the bottom line."

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ZugZug site profile image  

11/22/10 11:35 AM by ZugZug

A complete misunderstanding of any possible analogy here.To compare such a potential situation you'd have to say it would be like JDS' opponents saying let me wear head gear because I also can't see very well with it on. It's BS just like all the wrapping.

Einar site profile image  

11/22/10 10:28 AM by Einar

Let them wear freaking Gi's if they want to. Only wearing a speedo favours some fighters, wearing pants favours others. Why should only the fighters who want themselves and their oponents to be as slippery as possible have the final say?

nyhcloyalty site profile image  

11/22/10 9:39 AM by nyhcloyalty

Oh really...

evangelico site profile image  

11/21/10 2:35 AM by evangelico

up with sotiropoulus!greater portland baby!!!!

Arecsa site profile image  

11/21/10 2:18 AM by Arecsa

One knee pad, no compression shorts and one ankle thing and a fairly easy submission win for George. Now can everyone stop crying about what he wears?

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

11/20/10 8:27 PM by Cyril Jeff

 Creepy is just playing the head games, he's got this...

JasonSB site profile image  

11/20/10 12:42 PM by JasonSB

God I hope George destroys joe in this fight. Maybe he will give him the same treatment as Jon Jones gave to Vera. This is sad cause I used to like Joe, oh well. Also damn I miss Pride; shoe, GI, tights, shit don't matter just show up and fight. These dudes need to learn some budo (WEC fighters excluded).

michaelkaras site profile image  

11/20/10 12:40 PM by michaelkaras

get in my guard!hopefully joe KOs him.definitely not very fair. i dont even dislike george, i like watching him fight a lot, but his explanation was bullocks. he knows its to his advantage, joe knows, and the commission knows, but they dont have a rule that will make george take it sure an amendment to the unified rules will take care of it, but after the fight...........the other problem is that michigan (where im posting from) (and am super excited to see the fights tonight from) is kinda flying from the seat of their pants on this one, rulewise. regardless, im a lauzon fan so WAR him, hope the extra stuff doesnt F him up

Mike Russell site profile image  

11/20/10 12:37 PM by Mike Russell

Both Nevada and New Jersey say they don't have a problem with his legwear. I can't see a fairly new commission like the one in Michigan doing anything different than the two most respected commissions in the sport who were most responsible for making the Unified rules as we know them.’-legwear-much-ado-about-nothing The braces helped Joe Stevenson hold onto George's legs.