Sotiropoulos defeats Lauzon in fight of the night

by Michael David Smith | source:

In Saturday's fight, both Lauzon and Sotiropolous came out swinging, with a very intense first minute of the fight, and when Sotiropoulos grabbed Lauzon's leg and went for a takedown, Lauzon was able to stay on his feet. After another exchange Sotiropoulos went for a takedown again, and Lauzon made him pay for it with elbows to the side of the head. Sotiropoulos did eventually get on top of Lauzon on the ground late in the first, but Lauzon reversed and finished the first round on top of Sotiropoulos, and I scored the first round for Lauzon.

At the start of the second round Lauzon looked like he was tired, and Sotiropoulos took advantage, landing knees in the clinch and then taking Lauzon down and getting into side control. From there Sotiropoulos transitioned into the top in a north-south position, sunk in a kimura, and forced Lauzon to tap.

It was an impressive showing for an impressive fighter. Sotiropoulos is undoubtedly a future title contender.

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Recent Comments »

Paul Gara site profile image  

11/21/10 11:04 PM by Paul Gara

No, Joe can't make 145

Old Timey site profile image  

11/21/10 5:04 PM by Old Timey

Hey Chris now that the WEC is in the UFC fold is dropping to 145 a thought with Joe? He would be a monster at that weight.

voltaire64 site profile image  

11/21/10 2:40 PM by voltaire64

don't know if it's so much a cardio problem as it is that Lauzon can't take punches to the body well. George nailed him at the end of the first with a few good ones and I remember a fight recently with Stout where he was aiming for the body and you could see Lauzon's spirit go.

Lite site profile image  

11/21/10 2:16 PM by Lite

Joe has to solve his cardio problem, and I think it's more of a head issue than a training issue. I'm sure he's in shape. But you have to control your adrenaline levels, or you're going to gas no matter what shape you're in.

newbyfan site profile image  

11/21/10 2:11 PM by newbyfan

I did not understand Joe's strategy. He just seemed to want to knock George out.

hubris site profile image  

11/21/10 2:08 PM by hubris

looks like Joe could get cut soon

Chris site profile image  

11/21/10 1:52 PM by Chris

lol. Joe is 6-3 in the UFC with those 3 losses being Fight of the Night efforts against 3 great fighters. Joe is only 26. He'll be in the UFC a long time.

orcus site profile image  

11/21/10 1:19 PM by orcus

His biggest problem is gassing. I don't know if draining himself would help that.

Steamfitter site profile image  

11/21/10 11:53 AM by Steamfitter

I wonder if Joe is going to cut to 145? Might be a tough cut to make but he needs to get some wins or else he is going to be looking for another fight promotion to showcase his skills.

stillmatic site profile image  

11/21/10 3:33 AM by stillmatic

It was a pretty similar to the Florian and Stout fights. Joe came out really strong and faded after the first round. When Joe was fresh, George was not even close to getting a Takedown. He's going to need to learn to pace himself in his fights a bit. It's great that he goes in there looking to finish constantly, but when your opponent is tough, you can't always get the finish right away and you need to have something in reserve for the latter rounds.