Dana White: Karo Parisyan is done in the UFC

source: mmafighting.com

Ariel Helwani: You gave Karo another shot in the UFC; what did you think of his performance and will he get another shot?

Dana White: You know everybody was asking me why I brought him back after all the things that have happened. Karo Pasityan  is a guy who has given not only me but the fans a lot of great fights over the years. This kid went though some hard times. I helped him out and I helped him out and I helped him out. I said Karo this is it, I am going to give you one more shot. I let him in, and I think tonight he showed he can't perform here any more

AH: So you think hes done?

DFW: (softly) Yah.

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Recent Comments »

queef latina site profile image  

11/24/10 3:55 PM by queef latina

So sad... im gonna miss his judo throws.

Uncle Justice site profile image  

11/24/10 2:09 PM by Uncle Justice

Listen, my point was that people should maintain a certain level of respect for someone that has conquered so much. I've already read that article, and would quite strongly disagree that "anyone with a brain could tell he was out of shape and not prepared to fight."  The ESPN article justifies my point more than yours, because ESPN is not "anyone with a brain", but a source that relayed personal comments from Andy. Yeah, if people would 1) base their opinion on comments from Karo's friends and camp instead of his physique and performance, and 2) shared their opinion without blatant and immature disrespect, I wouldn't have said anything.

donniejessup site profile image  

11/24/10 1:54 PM by donniejessup

i suggest you read the espn article linked by UG news. anyone with a brain could tell he was out of shape and not prepared to fight. he has no business going near the cage at this point. hopefully he can take some time and get healthy.

Peckerwood site profile image  

11/23/10 11:31 PM by Peckerwood

I don't know what to think here. Physically he looked like shit...as others have said he has never been a super physique guy but he looked beyond terrible. If he is just out of shape but has his stuff together that is one thing, but if he is using drugs that is another.

Momentum site profile image  

11/23/10 11:19 PM by Momentum

From what I have read recently about Karo, I think he needs to get some help. What is happening outside the cage is going to be his downfall and it could end in a horrible and senseless tragedy. I hope the UFC offers to help in that capacity regardless of whether he fights for them in the future. Anxiety can lead to depresssion and depression is a common source of suicide. For those having these type of mental challenges, get help because there is a lot of it out there. In the end, I hope my perception of Karo's condition is dead wrong. However, if I am right I sincerely hope he gets some help and does it quickly.

Wednesdays site profile image  

11/23/10 11:12 PM by Wednesdays

Exactly. He's a badass with a stellar record against great competition, people shouldn't be so quick to judge. He could've had the best camp ever and just got caught. It happens, especially when you're fighting at a high level.

RaepChoke site profile image  

11/23/10 9:58 PM by RaepChoke

Sad to say that nothing of value was lost

bjws site profile image  

11/23/10 9:37 PM by bjws

Oh because I'm a 10'er I didn't witness him decision his way through the pack? what was that three years ago? I guess he never implicitly stated that he was gods gift to judo. That was simply my conservative interpretation of what he said leading up to this scrap.You're right, I have no idea how much training he did to prepare for this pivotal fight. Unfortunately, this is as much a mental as it is a physical game so your point is moot.The Karo from Saturday didn't show any skill or any desire to be in there. I guess it's kind of like what we saw with Paulo Filho when he fought Sonnen.

joe bruce site profile image  

11/23/10 3:49 PM by joe bruce

At least let him go out without a contrversial stoppage

Dragon X site profile image  

11/23/10 3:45 PM by Dragon X

Kind of sucks. I wished he didn't get injured before he was scheduled to fight Highes. That would have been a good fight.