No immediate Rampage vs. Machida rematch

by Ken Pishna | source:

“That fight was so close, it was unfair for Machida,” Quinton “Rampage” Jackson told UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan after the fight. “Even though I don’t want to, I have to give him a rematch.”

“That’s gonna be up to the UFC, but I’d like an immediate rematch also,” said the Lyoto Machida after losing a split decision. “We’ll just have to see what the UFC has to say.”

However, UFC President Dana White had firm words to say about an immediate rematch..

“No. No. As far as I’m concerned, and apparently, as far as the judges are concerned, Rampage won that fight."

“I don’t play favorites. I call ‘em like I see ‘em. (Rampage) won two rounds. It’s a three-round fight. You won two of them, he won one of them. You’re the winner,” he said, squashing any speculation about an immediate rematch.

Asked what he thought was next, Jackson said “This ain’t my show. I don’t own the UFC homey. I just fight here.”

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Recent Comments »

nobones site profile image  

11/21/10 10:55 PM by nobones

Machida KOs RashadShogun KOs MachidaRashad beats Rampage via UDRampage beats Machida via controversial SDShogun owns a TKO win over Rampage.If Rashad beats Shogun this will be crazy.

Zamiel site profile image  

11/21/10 9:27 PM by Zamiel

It's pretty rare for the UFC to match-up someone coming off a win with someone coming off a loss, especially with fights of particular relevance. I see no need to break from that in the current LHW picture.

The_Spider site profile image  

11/21/10 4:10 AM by The_Spider

Most likely Rampage vs Griffin/Franklin and then Lyoto vs loser of Shogun/Rashad/Griffin/Franklin. Winner of Bader/Jones will get 1 of those 6 eventually, let's not forget Phil Davis.This

Max Dangerous site profile image  

11/21/10 1:55 AM by Max Dangerous

This man thinks well.I like Soto/Penn

SuMBJJ site profile image  

11/21/10 1:53 AM by SuMBJJ

Machida was the champ coming into the fight before this, and just lost a split decision to another former champ. If Jones wins he will have beaten Matyushenko and Bader... I know they're wins, but still not even close to the same league as Rua/Rampage (even if they were losses). That being said, I doubt Dana throws Jones or Bader to Lyoto like that.

BispingIsNumberOne site profile image  

11/21/10 1:36 AM by BispingIsNumberOne

Maybe something to keep him busy to get through this merger transition. Remember we got a title inification coming. Expect to see him get someone in the top 3 after this fight. With the WEC merging, there are two top packs coliding, they need to see which puppies survive this mess and thats when we will know where George places in the race.

Nubinatub site profile image  

11/21/10 1:30 AM by Nubinatub

WTF, why is he getting Dennis Siver? No offense to Dennis, but that is definitely a step down. He needs to be fighting a top 3, and if not top 3, then a top 5 lightweight. Seriously wtf.7 fights in a row in the UFC and he's getting this? Okami wins 3 in a row and he's getting Anderson Silva.. it's a joke... and George isn't getting any younger...Also he beat Joe Stevenson and then Kurt Pelligrino. Those are two big name, good lightweights that should put him in the top 5. They then give him Joe who is good but not top 5 and he dominates him... and now they are giving him Siver?????????? wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

BispingIsNumberOne site profile image  

11/21/10 1:22 AM by BispingIsNumberOne

I like the Rampage vs Forrest/Franklin match-up, but I say give Lyoto either the loser of that fight or maybe someone like Hammil.I personally think that Bader/Jones winner will be above having to fight anyone coming off of back-to-back losses. No disrespect to Machida, but 2 in a row knocks you down to someone breaking from the middle of the pack. I think the winner of Rich/Forest or Bader/Jones could face Rampage for a #1 contender spot. The "extra" winner could face the loser of Rashad/Shogun, or maybe face someone else rising by then to keep active.

Brown Bride site profile image  

11/21/10 1:17 AM by Brown Bride

I would love to see a rematch, but it certainly doesn't have to be immediate.

triso site profile image  

11/21/10 1:16 AM by triso

I'm pretty happy with no immediate rematch.