Fan recalls awesome experience with Dana White & Joe Rogan at UFC 123


From: Fillups422
Posted: 13 hours ago
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Took my son to UFC 123 for his 13th birthday. We drove from Wisconsin to Auburn Hills the day of the weigh ins. As we were chilling out waiting for the weigh ins to start I said screw it and sent Dana a tweet seeing if we could get a pic with him after the weigh ins. A min or 2 later I got a reply from Dana and he said hell yea!

So after a few messages back and forth Tom (the guy who fell of the stage in the video blog) called us down to the stage right before the weigh ins started. He gave us credentials and brought us by the part of the stage where the walk off the stage after the face off. He told us to wait there until it was over and he'd come get us.

As soon as they were done with the weigh ins, we got taken backstage and Dana fucking White was there to meet us! We got a pic with him, exchanged pleasantries and then he told Tom to let us go IN the Octagon and take a pic! Dana hooked us up with some comp seats which were WAY better than what we had (nose bleeds).

After the pic in the Octagon Dana said we could hang out back stage and meet the fighters walking around and just kind of chill out. I was manning the camera so most of the pics were of my son and the fighters, since it was his birthday trip I wanted to make sure he was the focus.

We ended up meeting and taking pics Dana White, Kenny Florian, Miguel Torres, Joe Lauzon, Joe Rogan, Punkass and Skrape, Arianny and Chandella.

There were a ton of other fighters we said hi to though. BJ Penn was walking around but we didn't get a chance to get a pic, he was in the zone. Jose Aldo, Eddie Bravo and CB Dolloway were wandering around as well.

Now, to Joe Rogan. My son got a pic with him and made small talk about my sons bday and all that stuff. My son said Joe Lauzon was one of his favorite fighters and Joe got J-Lau to come get a pic with him, which was icing on the cake at this point. Shortly after that I looked over and saw Antoine Dodson cutting a promo in the Octagon and I pointed over to him and said "Isn't that the 'dey rapin' everyone up in here' guy?" Joe was like "Oh yeah! it is!" and we were kind of amused by the whole thing.

In the short amount of time I spent talking to him and just hanging around in general, I realized Joe is pretty much the same guy as you see on the podcasts and on TV. He was a really cool, genuine and good guy. I'm really glad my son and I got to meet him.

My kids have had a really rough year, their mom (my ex) died in January and I have been trying to make their birthdays special because it is the first one without her. This was absolutely over the top and he (and I) will never forget it.

Thanks Dana and thanks Joe Rogan (and any of the other fighters we met that come on here). My son had the time of his life and I did as well.

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Matt Phillips site profile image  

8/5/11 7:10 AM by Matt Phillips

 Bumping this...Dana's not a bad guy. He does a lot of awesome things for the fans.  (This is my post)

Fillups422 site profile image  

11/23/10 11:23 PM by Fillups422


RickStorm site profile image  

11/23/10 11:56 AM by RickStorm

wow! great story, and great to hear you and your boy had a great time!!

slo ko site profile image  

11/23/10 11:42 AM by slo ko

Great story! Extremely sorry to hear about your loss. I can't even imagine.

Fillups422 site profile image  

11/23/10 10:46 AM by Fillups422

jrocknum22- thanks, I held back a lot of details because I didnt want to have a huge brick of text.didn't realize it would become this big of a thread. All you rock, I love the UG.

jrocknum22 site profile image  

11/23/10 10:40 AM by jrocknum22

OP - "Long Read"You could have stretched this story out 10 pages I'd have read every word!I rarely sign in much less post,but this was definately worthy!Thread of the year (for me)!!!JROCK

gorgesjorj site profile image  

11/23/10 10:40 AM by gorgesjorj

our pleasure having you on, matthew. gg@mmajunkiegeorge@mmajunkieradio

NonstopRocker03 site profile image  

11/23/10 9:28 AM by NonstopRocker03

Dana gets a lot of undeserved hate. As previously said, what other president/commissioner of an organization would do something like this? If you asked David Stern that, he would probably get Joey Crawford to call a technical on you.

Jamie_B site profile image  

11/23/10 8:29 AM by Jamie_B

TTT that's a awesome story.

Enemies site profile image  

11/23/10 3:57 AM by Enemies

Glad that you and your son had a great experience. It's good to hear the good instead of the bad all the time.