Rogan may cause reporter's dismissal; apologizes for use of slur

by Jonathan Snowden | source:

The situation started ugly and only got worse. As the day went on slurs flew along with hard words. It ended with the UFC's iconic announcer Joe Rogan claiming credit for getting Fighter's Only writer Tomas Rios fired from one of the industry's leading magazines and using a homophobic slur to describe the reporter.

It all began, believe it or not, with an obscure kick popularized by Brazilian K-1 star Francisco Fihlo. The so-called "Brazilian kick" was employed in the Tyson Griffin-Nik Lentz fight at UFC 123. Rogan, a former taekwondo standout, called the kick a "question mark kick" and Rios, an acerbic and aggressive journalist took him to task on twitter:

    "Joe Rogan calling a Brazilian kick the "question mark kick" during Griffin/Lentz is pantheon level cluelessness."

That is par for the course for Rios, who has rarely been called to the carpet for his attacking style. But following the lead of fighter Sean McCorkle, who claims his own flame war with Rios caused the reporter to be fired from Sherdog earlier this month, Rogan fired back on the Underground:

    He's a dumb c**t. That's exactly what it's called. Before it was ever the Brazilian    kick it was also called a "fake front kick roundhouse kick."

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CANESHARP site profile image  

2/17/14 10:53 PM by CANESHARP


rbl site profile image  

2/17/14 10:20 PM by rbl

Is he still writing about MMA? I think if I was being paid to predict fights and I got an ENTIRE CARD wrong, I'd hang it up. Or at least tone down the smugness a little.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

2/17/14 9:33 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Fuck Tomas Rios. Somewhere along the line we moved from sports writers to this generation that thinks they are Weekend Update on SNL mixed with a Bill Maher monologue. Every website is filled with amateur comedians snarking about athletes. I don't care what whiskey you drink. I don't give a fuck that you and your buddies are heading to Vegas and I don't give a fuck that you like a certain NFL team or won your fantasy league. It's not about YOU. It's about what you are reporting on. You should come from a place of knowledge on the subject and from an unbiased position as well. Instead we get cheerleading in the press box and wannabe Cracked columnists covering this sport. We need more fans so this sport can grow bigger. We just need less of them reporting on the sport.

TheGreatGodMARS site profile image  

2/17/14 8:05 PM by TheGreatGodMARS

Ohhhhh,so this is the dude Rogan mentioned when talking about terrible MMA journalists.

jbodinet site profile image  

2/17/14 6:35 PM by jbodinet

Wow read the thread from the beginning. And it was all worth it

Ramsey site profile image  

2/17/14 3:47 PM by Ramsey

Damn had to dig deep to find this epicness. This was great!

1800champagne site profile image  

2/17/14 2:19 PM by 1800champagne

Rios' twitter feed makes me want to question mark kick an infant.

ender852 site profile image  

1/9/13 9:40 PM by ender852

damn it was awesome when the voice posted on here... before the mouth breathing idiots talked shit to him and ran him off.   sigh.

siouxNYC site profile image  

1/9/13 9:13 PM by siouxNYC

i had a friend once who was a stand-up comic, and because he was a friend, i'd have to check out his shows every once in a while. one show, he was the MC, so he had to get the crowd going, then introduce the comedians, and do jokes in between the comedians sets. and the lineup wasn't bad that night, at least early on. the comedians who did their sets first got the crowd rolling, sometimes almost out of control with laughter, and after their sets they'd get off stage and sit in the back, and drink and watch the other comedians perform. well, the last comedian up to bat got zero love from the crowd. every joke he told, almost no one laughed.except the other comedians sitting in the back. he was killing them. i swear, i thought some of them were going to piss their pants. his jokes completely went over the heads of the audience, but to his peers in the back row, he was like the second coming of andy me, tomas rios is like that last i said, i ain't defending the shit he's said. i just think he's got great ability in how he says it.and woodenpupa, you high as hell, son.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

1/9/13 8:04 PM by ChaosOverkill

Read a couple of articles years ago, they were incerdibly amateur and nonsensical.