Ken Shamrock set to fight for KOTC in South Africa


California based MMA promotion company King of the Cage, inc. Sets to launch in a new International market. The beautiful beach resort vacation destination of Durban, South Africa. This city of 3.5 million inhabitants recently received major international attention as it hosted several FIFA 2010 World Cup soccer matches.

From the worlds most popular sport (Soccer) to the worlds fastest growing sport (MMA) This city sets it sights on a major return to fighting, by one of the sports highest grossing pay per view celebrity's Ken Shamrock. Shamrock had set many pay per view records and has been the main event in over 15 major televised events.

On Saturday, November 25th the Durban International Convention Center will play host to King of the Cage Platinum. This is not the first foray into the international market for King of the Cage who has hosted events in the U.K., Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Japan, but marks the first time an American MMA company will host and event on the African continent. MMA Fan’s in South Africa from Cape Town to Johannesburg are likely to descend upon the city to see not only an athlete of this caliber but the celebrity which is Ken Shamrock.

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11/29/10 10:35 AM by Hong Kong Phooey


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11/29/10 9:25 AM by Mrs. Intergalactic Rock Star

Oh hai stalker. You're one obsessive creep. Try reading for once..lulz. I look forward to having you stalk me more. If you're looking for more threads to stalk me on, check me out on the Chael/TRT tread. See you there!

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11/29/10 8:28 AM by jjj2121

 Just like you when you said that GSP would make the olympics and do very well and then a few hours later claimed you never said that right?

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11/28/10 12:05 PM by LTL

Another loss for Shammy. :-(

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11/28/10 10:33 AM by Mrs. Intergalactic Rock Star

STOP POSTING!Have you ever admitted when you're wrong? You've already made yourself look ignorant on the TRT/chael thread.

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11/28/10 3:27 AM by Snarl Snatch

Yes...which all illustrates my point better.

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11/27/10 5:55 PM by Mrs. Intergalactic Rock Star


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11/27/10 3:19 PM by William Colosimo

iirc Mo was brought in by Ken to teach the den some striking

William Colosimo site profile image  

11/27/10 3:16 PM by William Colosimo

Pancrase wasnt Franks trainer per se.Ken was Franks main coach. Frank never admits this but he was Delucia's young boy and was trained under him also. Like pretty much most foreigners fighting in Pancrase, Im sure Frank got lots of training in the Japanese dojos while there. He does credit Funaki with teaching him some things. He eventually stared training with Mo and left the den.

Mrs. Intergalactic Rock Star site profile image  

11/27/10 3:06 PM by Mrs. Intergalactic Rock Star

exactly- that quote is from his wife