TUF 12’s Andy Main 'turncoats' from Kos to GSP in time for fight

source: mmasucka.com

As far as Josh as a coach, I think it’s pretty obvious that he wouldn’t be at the front of any line for coach of the year awards. The problem isn’t that Kos is not good by any means. The problem was that Kos made everything on the show about himself whether he tried to or not. Every fight on the show was Kos vs GSP in his eyes and not Aaron vs Johnson or Main vs Watson. This attitude didn’t allow for him to focus on really bettering his fighters.

GSP on the other hand completely took himself out of the equation. He was purely a training partner for his guys and brought in probably the best coaching staff to date to inspire his guys and better them as fighters.

I had made the decision during the show that I would not allow myself to get involved in Koscheck’s antics or attitude. I was not going to allow myself to disrespect GSP, his coaches, or any of the guys on the other team. This led to the opportunity which has presented itself to me as far as training with GSP and his team. John Danaher who was basically the backbone of GSP’s team on the show is now my jiu jitsu instructor. Through Him I was able to get hooked back up with Georges and his team.

Being a “turncoat” comes down to this. There are so many avenues to take in the sport of MMA. We as fighters have to have the wherewithal to know what is good for us and what is best for us. This includes diet, training, management, public relations, image, and others things. I decided to release this picture because in regards to PR and image I want to be associated with GSP and not Koscheck. Honestly it may never matter and maybe no one will care and that’s fine. At least I put it out there now and hopefully if and when I do resurface to the big shows I will be associated with this team.

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chaplinshouse site profile image  

11/24/10 4:25 AM by chaplinshouse

i used to really respect Dave Camarillo but did you notice on TUF when Josh was fucking with Michael for no reason (calling him fat while he was getting stretched out minding his own business) and Dave backed Kos's childish behavior. As soon as Michael said one simple comment (about how he finished his opponent), Dave kicked him out. How DARE he not just take Kos's BS. And he didn't even say anything major in return, just calmly stated a fact. Lost some respect there as far as AKA leadership goes. Maybe Kos is in the right camp afterall

Mmanizzle site profile image  

11/24/10 4:11 AM by Mmanizzle

I got mad respect for Team AKA, I wonder if they get annoyed by Koscheck's antics...  They rest of the team doesn't walk around like douche bags...  Sup wit dat?  

jayhaas08 site profile image  

11/24/10 3:40 AM by jayhaas08

  Its funnier because he's right and you are not

Poindexter site profile image  

11/24/10 1:12 AM by Poindexter

Make this man a green name.  

theppfftt site profile image  

11/24/10 1:00 AM by theppfftt

My take on it is he wanted them to win only for him and the whole thing was for Krochcheck to beat GSP's team..The guy makes me sick..I really hope GSP destory's him for all 5 rounds and finishes him late in the 5th..There's really no other fighter's i can say i really hate except for that douchebag..I like that Andy said I'm thankful to him how i never want to act in public..lol...

chaplinshouse site profile image  

11/24/10 1:00 AM by chaplinshouse

i wondered why no one on team Koschump seemed to mind not being on team GSP. i would have been so pissed for so many reasons. if i had a chance to train with the best, or a complete douche, i will fight for the best. such a golden opportunity for anyone serious about making a living at this. Congrats Andy, smart move. For a second i thought Koschump's aura was rubbing off too much on his "team."

AndyMain site profile image  

11/23/10 11:46 PM by AndyMain

Thanks man. Everyone else check out my radio interview about the turncoat picture on mmadiehards.com

Hunter V site profile image  

11/23/10 11:21 PM by Hunter V

just finished listening to the interview. LOVE it as it is honest, respectful, but still on point. Too often we will white wash things instead of being adult and just telling how we see and feel. Its great Andy that you have this type of maturity now as there are people in their later years who lack this type of insight.

AndyMain site profile image  

11/23/10 11:19 PM by AndyMain

Haha yeah actually Jeff Lents could mix up some meals real well. Idk about strange habits though.