Gerald Harris released by the UFC

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 Since Ryan Loco broke the news that Aldo is out of his fight, I guess I gotta do my part and let you all know that I just got off the phone with Gerald Harris and he has been released by the UFC.

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epwar site profile image  

11/24/10 6:34 PM by epwar

Dana done pissed this kid off:

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

11/24/10 5:42 PM by ABE FROMAN

Harris confirmed it on his Twitter account.  

Genghis_Khan site profile image  

11/24/10 5:38 PM by Genghis_Khan

............and..... if Harris is so boring then what about Fitch then?Either Harris wasnt really cut and his friend who reported it misunderstood what Harris said OR there is much more to the story than meets the eye. Perhaps Harris bitched to Dana about taking this fight instead of fighting a top 10 or something... who knows...

MMA TV site profile image  

11/24/10 4:36 PM by MMA TV

it was a good release.

RKing85 site profile image  

11/24/10 4:29 PM by RKing85

every org in the world should be trying to sign Harris. UFC should not have cut him.

rockwell site profile image  

11/24/10 3:33 PM by rockwell

And KO of the night TWICE in his four fights!!!!

explodin site profile image  

11/24/10 11:52 AM by explodin

Herring in a fur coat is dead on with his last post. Sorry Dana doesn't listen to all the mudnamers who watched the ufc on an illegal stream cries to bring Gerald Harris back. He is history!!

HULKSMASH site profile image  

11/24/10 11:10 AM by HULKSMASH

Gerald has a boring style (that slam occurred after a boring ass fight) but no he doesn't deserve to be cut with a record like that..

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

11/24/10 11:09 AM by ABE FROMAN

I booed the fight too, the question is about consistency. It's not like Gerald hasn't gotten fight of the night before, it's not like he hasn't been a company guy and taken fights on short notice before. None of that made any difference, it wasn't considered. Dana choose to make an example of out of someone he could've easily spoken with and changed his next performance, instead there are several other fighters still around that could've been cut with no controversy still fighting for the UFC.  


11/24/10 11:06 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 Apparently Gerald Harris is fucking Kenda Perez, BLAF's "side piece"... so that's the reason.