Shamrock to Swick: 'I was making you a man'


Frank Shamrock suffered a war of words with Dana White that included a video ostensibly in support of a nationwde anti-bullying is school campain, making dark reference to being "bullied for telling the truth." Mike Swick responded with outrage, accusing Shamrock of injuring training partners, holding chokes through tapouts until unconsciousness, and, generally, being a heinous bully. The quarrel spilled over into twitter:

Mike Swick:

He is obviously not sincere in the least if he cant at least make an apology video to all those he bullied first.

Come on Shamrock, if ur gonna be an advocate, be a man & admit u were a bully & apologize. Bet that video never surfaces! Don't be fake!

I cant even list the fighters Franks injured & passed out after they tapped & now he's an antibully advocate because he was cyberbullied?!

You made this video: Then after getting cyber bullied started a campaign against bullies? @frankshamrock #Irony

Frank Shamrock:

Mik swick callying me a bully is lame. I used to whoop his butt for sure cuzz he wanted to be a champ. Always respect and love 4 him.

Guess swick forgot how I used to write his fan mail bak when he in the military. Or how I bled for him and trained him personally.

@officialswick sorry Mike if i hurt your feelings. i was making you a man and a champion, as you requested. Plez @standuptogether

Mike Swick:

I'll delete the last one but its true. No need to say anything else. U know how I feel. U had 7yrs to talk to me. @FrankShamrock

Frank Shamrock

@officialswick yeah talk to your management bro. don't air garbage. If you want to talk like a man i am around SJ today. later,




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DieTrying site profile image  

11/27/10 4:26 PM by DieTrying

Talk about being choked. Here's a story for you guys. Frank does not normally watch MMA but he turns on the TV after a class to watch Swick on TUF a few years back after Frank had left AKA. Frank was cheering on for Swick and Swick catches Bonnar in a guillotine choke. Choke was tight and Bonnar's face turns purple and he starts to gurgle. Everyone thought Swick was going to get it but guess what Bonnar did not tap and eventually gets out of it.Then as the round ends with a few seconds left, Swick gets caught in a triangle choke. Frank goes on to say something like get out of it Mike, this is something we have drilled, look up and push down but Swick instead tries to stand up and gets deeper in trouble and taps I think to an arm bar a couple of seconds before the bell rings. kinda ironic story but you can tell Frank really liked Swick...

Lee Conway site profile image  

11/27/10 3:33 PM by Lee Conway

Frank is a strange character. They both need to grow up and sort this out man to man, instead of bickering over Twitter.

nobones site profile image  

11/27/10 3:22 PM by nobones

In the Lion's Den they would not consider tapping out to choke submissions. If you tapped they would keep holding the choke until either you fought out of it or got put to sleep. Guys would get choked unconscious several times a day. Not a healthy way to train at all. Hilarious because Ken had one of the most famous taps when he submitted to Royce in UFC 1 to a side choke.

DieTrying site profile image  

11/27/10 2:44 PM by DieTrying

Not sure where all this coming from. Frank and the guys at AKA used to go very hard and people including Frank got injured. That's how they sparred back then. Sure Frank sometimes gets in people face but that's the training back then. The only submission that Frank would hold on was the rear-naked, and that's to force people to fight out of it and not just give up if they get themselves into that position. I've been choked out a couple of times and I don't think twice about it. It's just to force me not to give up and I understand that.

nobones site profile image  

11/27/10 2:04 PM by nobones

Frank learned from the master bully himself, Ken Shamrock. Ken was notorious for being a tremendous bully in training, he really didn't know any other way to teach people than the way he learned in Japan with Frank Gotch and that was just to be an abusive mother fucker. Frank wasn't as bad but still pretty bad by today's standards. I'm not at all surprised Frank was a bully in training.This is different from kids that get bullied in school because those kids are not in any sort of martial arts training environment they are just trying to go to school. But still, if Frank did similar things to what Ken would do, and what Mike accused him of, it is still pretty damn bad because it is very dangerous to hold onto submissions moves after someone taps. I'm sure Swick has good reason to call Frank out. Between the two of them, and I'm a huge Frank Shamrock fan, I tend to believe Swick more Frank is very well known to talk out both sides of his mouth and contradict himself in order to promote something.

TX_432 site profile image  

11/27/10 1:42 PM by TX_432

What's funny is "I was making you a better man" is a classic bully line. Usually what abusive father's tell there sons, then those kids go out and do it to other people.

Nuetraman site profile image  

11/27/10 12:54 PM by Nuetraman

Swick is a soft and sensitive guy

JoelN site profile image  

11/27/10 11:49 AM by JoelN

ok...I'll be outside waiting with my controller......LOL  don't be late either you dirty SOB

The Yellow Emperor site profile image  

11/27/10 11:26 AM by The Yellow Emperor

Yeah, it's a small world we live in. Let me come around the corner to your house. LMAO.You can pick the character on your UFC game first.

JoelN site profile image  

11/27/10 11:07 AM by JoelN

It seems we have hijacked this thread with BS...I would be more then happy to take this offline, I am not hard to find.