Junior dos Santos: Cain 'is more than a girlfriend'

source: portaldovt.com.br

"Velasquez is more than a girlfriend, he doesnt leave my head. Im just waiting for confirmation of when the fight will take place. I am very excited and happy for the opportunity to fight for the UFC belt. Its a dream come true. I am going to work really hard and I'm sure I'll be able to cope and bring this belt to Brazil."

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Haole site profile image  

11/26/10 4:22 PM by Haole

 more tha a girlfriend? His attempt to quote goodie mob got lost in translation, imo

StretchPlum site profile image  

11/26/10 4:20 PM by StretchPlum

"Velasquez is more than a girlfriend"True, he has a dick also.

Mrs. Intergalactic Rock Star site profile image  

11/26/10 3:38 PM by Mrs. Intergalactic Rock Star

I don't know about the win being easy, but I agree that he will win..

PoundforPound site profile image  

11/26/10 3:30 PM by PoundforPound

Don't know who to pick in this one although I guess Cain should be the slight favorite.But the winner will be the #1 heavyweight in the world, no ifs ands or buts about it.

UK Rampage site profile image  

11/26/10 11:36 AM by UK Rampage

JDS unless he gasses like vs Nelson!

ray_carlton site profile image  

11/26/10 11:20 AM by ray_carlton


56sav site profile image  

11/26/10 3:04 AM by 56sav

And Cain couldn't finish Congo who took the fight on short notice, and by most accounts is on about the same level as Nelson. He was also rocked by Congo several times in that fight but his cardio helped him prevail in the end. If JDS works his ass off, and I mean REALLY works his ass off in preparation for this fight I think it will be very competitive but still give Cain a slight edge based on his motivation.

decu68 site profile image  

11/25/10 1:23 PM by decu68

Taking nothing away from Roy Nelson, how does Junior dos Santos think he is going to beat somebody like Cain Velasquez? Junior could not put Roy away and had to go to a decision; he just couldn't finish the fight. Props to Roy as he was on wobbly street many times and still finished the fight; one tough dude. However with that being said, Cain would easily defeat Roy as he did Lesnar; and what he will do with Junior.At this point with Lesnar's loss, in way of other HW fighters there are not that many to chose from. The best match up with Cain would be a healthy better conditioned Shane Carwin; that is a fight I'd like to see. Two guys that can dominate Lesnar with one unfortunately gassing out and unable to get it done but if conditioning was better would already be the HW Champion. Put these two heavy handed boys to battle and that is a fight we'd all pay to see.And I agree, Junior has a chance, as all fighters do. But Junior is not the caliber of fighter that Cain is. Junior is no slouch by any means and deserves this fight however I just don't see it being a fight he will win.

Touched By A Jab site profile image  

11/25/10 4:17 AM by Touched By A Jab

JDS slows down after one round of striking.i see this going a lot like the rothwell fight.cain will wrestle fuck/GnP him in the first round, JDS will be dead on his feet in the second, cain will then finish him.

Vinny Magalhães site profile image  

11/25/10 4:15 AM by Vinny Magalhães